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What are the Norwegian Fjords information

I Norwegian fjords they are a spectacular creation of nature and are formed by sea water that submerged the valleys after the retreat of the glaciers.

This arm of the sea it can slip into the coast even for kilometers and is U-shaped and the walls can be very similar to those of the gullies as they are steep and steep but are covered by forest.

in Norwegian fjords can flow both fresh water and sea water and those in which jump water flows are also the deepest and allow navigation of the large cruise ships.

Which are the most beautiful Norwegian Fjords guide and itinerary

In Norway there are many fjords that will leave you enchanted and amazed at the sight but we at the Staff will give you some tips on which to visit absolutely:


Lysefiord  is located in the region of Ryfilke, in the southern part of the Fjord Norway and is located in the vicinity of Haugesund e Stavanger.

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In this area you can do many excursions and, to visit absolutely, are the Pulpit Rock which is a rock ledge at 600 meters and the Kjerag is a summit of 1.100 vertical meters where at 984 meters is the Kjeragbolten  or a large round boulder wedged and suspended between two rock walls.


Il Hardangerfjord fjord it is the third longest fjord in the world and the second longest in Norway.

Located in Hordaland County it connects with the South Atlantic Ocean city ​​of Bergen in southwestern Norway.

Here it is beautiful to do excursions in that, the fiord, is surrounded by 2 national parks, 3 National Tourist Routes and you can admire the Folgefonna glacier.


Il Geirangerfjord fjord has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List thanks to its famous lees Seven Sisters waterfalls (The Seven Sisters), laugh Pretender waterfalls (Friaren) e Bridal Veil waterfalls (Brudesløret) that descend vertically along the mountains and plunge into the waters of the fjord.

The landscapes you will see will be breathtaking as they are gods natural wonders incredible.


Il Sognefjord fjord it is the second longest in the world and the first longest of all Norway.

It is characterized by unspoiled nature, by numerous waterfalls and by the mountains that host the Jostedalsbreen glacier.

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Inside you can take an excursion to both the park Jotunheim National Park be at cascade di Area.

Norwegian Fjords Postal

Il Norwegian Fjord Post better known as Hurtigruten it is the most beautiful ship trip in the world.

This coastal post sails the entire coast from Bergen to Kirkenes and was born to transport mail and goods for the local population.

Currently, this maritime service touches 35 ports and the fleet is made up of 11 ships which, throughout the year, cover 2500 nautical miles.

Usually the complete itinerary Bergen-Kirkenes it lasts 11 days and you can choose to make only one route or to embark on the Postal in any port and only sail for a few days.

Norwegian fjords when to go and weather

I Norwegian fjords, despite the latitude, they enjoy a climate paradoxically mild.

In summer, from June to early August, the temperature can easily reach 25 °.

In winter i Norwegian fjords, turn into a real paradise for skiers while in spring they offer breathtaking landscapes thanks to the flowering of the trees.

One particular caveat is that the climate and temperature they could change quickly so it's always best to bring something warm in your suitcase.

Norwegian fjords what to pack

Who intends to take a trip to the Norwegian fjords he must know that, depending on the season, he must pack light clothes, a warm sweater, a jacket that protects from the wind and rain, an umbrella and comfortable shoes.

In winter you will need a warm jacket, scarf, gloves and warm shoes while in autunno e spring  bring water resistant pants and boots.

Thanks to the very mild temperature, in summer you can dress so light without underestimating the fact that summer evenings can be very cool especially in the mountains.

In any case, we recommend using layered clothing, with garments that you can wear or take off depending on the temperature.

Norwegian fjords photos and images

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