Wieliczka salt mine, the salt mine in Krakow to visit

    For a truly special and evocative experience, the city of Krakow offers the opportunity to visit the Wieliczka Salt Mine, deep salt mine located only 13 km from the city center.

    It is an opportunity that cannot be overlooked if you want to give an adventurous touch to your vacation. Getting to the mine is simple and cheap. In addition to the various agencies who deal with the organization, the "do it yourself" is always efficient for those who have a minimum of organization. In the first case, group departures include transport, professional guides in any language and visit inside the mine. The duration varies according to the turnout and is around four, five hours. The second hypothesis foresees: a mini-bus from the central station of Glowny or a train to Wieliczka, or the urban bus marked with number 304 in Kurniki Street, in front of the Krakowska tunnel. Only twenty minutes away, to immerse yourself in this new underground world.

    How do you get off the 380 steps one has the impression of entering a magical underground city full of mysterious caves and lakes. Walking along the mining trail, you can admire the original tools that made this work. The route culminates in the church of St. Kinga, protector of the mine. The return to the surface takes place through a wooden lift, or rather freight elevator, with a maximum capacity of 8 people. Before going back up, the mine offers a small bar for refreshment and a shop for buying souvenirs.

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