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Visit Krakow

Krakow is one of most beautiful and oldest cities in Poland and has been, for many years, the capital of this fascinating country.

Krakow is one of the largest commercial and economic centers of Poland as well as the main artistic, cultural and university center of the country as it hosts theJagiellonian University which is one of the best known and oldest in Europe.

Krakow what to see

Also called the Florence of northern Europe, Krakow can be easily visited on foot and has many things to see.

Here are the major ones places of interest in Krakow:

Krakow nightlife

Krakow Old Town

Rynek glowny and the Krakow old town which was created as far back as 1257 in order to house the city ​​market.

La Krakow old town is surrounded by many monuments historians such as the Basilica of Santa and Palazzo dei Tessuti.

Krakow textile market

THETextile Market building was born in the center of the central square of Krakow (Rynek glowny) and was built in the XNUMXth century.

Consisting of two floors, it houses the Polish painting gallery on the first floor while on the ground floor it is used forhandicraft and to the sale of souvenir.

Krakow Salt Mines

La Salt mine is located inmetropolitan area of ​​Krakow precisely in the city ​​of Wieliczka.

This is one of the oldest mines in the world and reaches a depth of 327 meters and between gallery e tunnels it has an extension of about 300 km.

Wawel Cracovia

Wawel it's a hill symbol of Krakow which houses two symbolic buildings of the city the Royal Castle and Cathedral.

Krakow guide, tips and information

La cattedrale del Wawel, with its over 1000 years of history, it was the site of the coronations of the Polish monarchs and, currently, it is i national sanctuary of Poland.

Il Wawel Castle was the Royal residence and today it houses one of the most famous works of Leonardo Da Vinci or the Lady with an Ermine.

Czartoryski Museo

Il Czartoryski Museo is the first historical museum of Poland and was founded by Princess Izabela Fleming in 1796.

This museum was born with the intention of preserving the Polish history and culture according to the motto "the past for the future"And currently also exhibits objects fromgreek art, Romanian, Etruscan ed Egyptian.

More things to see in Krakow I'm:

St. Mary's Basilica Krakow

National Museum of Krakow

The College of Greater Krakow

Krakow Opera House

Sigismund's Chapel Krakow

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