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Krakow guide and advice on how to get around, map, where to shop, currency, climate and temperatures.

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Krakow how to move

Krakow it is a fairly large city but you can easily visit it on foot as most of the tourist attractions are concentrated in Old Town.

In any case i public transport which bus e tram they are very efficient and clean and are run by a single company there MPK.

Cracovia City Card

La Krakow Card allows you to travel freely on all public transport including transfer to and from theairport and salt mines and also gives free access to over 40 tourist attractions.

Krakow Poland

La validity of the Krakow City Card it can be 2 or 3 days and there are 2 different types of cards, the only one pass for museums or that which includes public transport e museums.

La City Card can be purchased almost anywhere starting fromairport finally to the hotels.

Krakow Map

Krakow weather, temperatures and climate

La Poland it is famous all over the world also thanks to the rigidity of its winter (think that it has even reached -30 °).

Il best time to visit Krakow runs from mid-May to mid-June as the temperature they are pleasant and there is no risk of falling into the "mass tourism"In July and August.

In any case, the temperature during the winter seasons the minimums range between -3 ° / -5 ° and the maximum between 0 ° / 6 ° while during the warmer months the temperature the minimums oscillate between 3 ° / 13 ° and the maximums between 14 ° / 24 °.

Krakow nightlife

Cracovia coin

La Krakow coin and the Zloty (PLN) and € 1,00 corresponds to approximately 4.3914 Zloty.

Where to shop in Krakow

The starting point to do shopping a Cracovia it's definitely the Hall market which is located in Main market in the center of the main square.

Here you can buy amber jewelry, typical products, souvenir and you can make great deals on items of antique trade ed artwork.

There are so many markets located in various parts of the city but the most famous are located in Kazmierz Jewish Quarter where you will also find the best artisan shops of the city.

La Krakow shopping street è Florianska Street where you will find clothing stores with international brands and is constantly evolving; to Krakow there are two shopping centers very important where you can really find everything and they are there Galeria Krakowska Shopping Mall located in Pawia 5 and the Bonarka City Center che si trova in Kamieńskiego 11.

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Krakow pictures

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