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Andalusia is a land characterized by mild climate and from the strong brightness seen that it collects over 3 thousand hours of sun during the year and thanks to this the character of the Andalusians is cheerful and hospitable!

However, being a very large region full of contrasts, theAndalusia enjoys different types of climate. In particular, the coastal areas offer a moderate climate with hot and windy summers; in inland areas, on the other hand, hot and humid summers alternate with even very cold winters.

The sun in the summer is practically a guarantee with temperature which can reach and even exceed 40 ° C and practically no rains. Even during the winter, the sun almost always shines on Andalusia when temperatures can exceed 25 ° C even if the possibility of rain occurs.

Andalucia Weather Forecast

Below are the weather forecasts for the next few days for the main tourist destinations.

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