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    Marc Jacobs Cafè, the Milan fashion bar

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    Glam details and blue reflections al Marc Jacobs Cafe. An excellent venue in an exceptional location Piazza del Carmine, in the famous Brera area in Milan. Prices? Slightly excessive for a bar, but moderate for happy hours, 10 euros for all drinks. Until recently it was served at the table, but it was limited to a portion of tastings while now it is served as a buffet, without limits of courses and of excellent quality.

    Il Marc Jacobs Cafe  it is well furnished, a truly original lounge bar, New York style, with indoor and outdoor tables placed in the pedestrian square in front of a beautiful church. Always very popular with young customers and businessmen during the lunch break. The venue is based on a concept that assembles the fashion boutique to a fashion bar where you can stop for a drink after shopping.

    Open from the morning 7: 30 to the 02: 00 of the night. Marc Jacobs' is a project that reflects his creativity and way of living and selling fashion. A new concept of shopping both to increase sales and brand awareness.

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