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    First zero impact festival, 3 days of Social Trekking

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    Walden travel on foot presents the second appointment to walk together. Is called Social Trekking and is organized together with the Italian Society of Travelers. And the first zero impact festival: you move on foot and making the most of public transport. An event where, in addition to the pleasure of nature and culture, there is the pleasure of meeting others. Three days of migrant walks, urban trekking, surprise walks and excursions in the countryside, between Florence and Scandicci. The festival starts on 15 February and ends the February 17 2013.

    The meeting at the station on February 15th Piagge of Florence at 16 pm from where the urban trekking will start. At 18 pm there will be a meeting in the hall of the Community of Piagge. At 20 social dinner by reservation prepared by the volunteers of the neighborhood.

    On Saturday the meeting is at 8.45 at the station Santa Maria Novella in Florence, for those who want to join the second day and fail to reach the group on Friday. From 12.30 to 14.15 there will be a break with free lunch in the city. The whole afternoon will be dedicated to surprise walks in the city center with guides.

    The third day, Sunday, will be the day of the nature and experience. From the hills we will visit the church of Mosciano, Lebbiano and the Poggio Valicaia Art Park. The route will continue through the woods of Casignano to the San Zanobi cave, to the Poggio al Vento farm to return to the starting point. On this Sunday, hiking boots, comfortable clothing, a packed lunch, a bottle of water and a pen are required.
    To register, you can write directly to Social Trekking info @ waldenviaggiapiedi. it

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