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How to find a low cost hotel in Venice tips.

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How to save in Venice tips, tricks and tips

Venezia represents the romantic city par excellence and is visited every year by millions of tourists from all over the world.

Obviously, such beauty could only correspond to that prices high as regards the accommodation, hotels e residence.

We of the staff we're here to give our loyal users useful tips and tricks on how to stay overnight in Venice on a budget.

Where to sleep in Venice on a budget

Here are the useful tips to book a cheap stay in the magnificent city of Venezia:

  • Rule n ° 1: it is good to look for a hotel slightly away from the center to be able to find good offers; among other things it must be said that Venice is by no means a big city, so you can easily move from one side to the other on foot.
  • Rule n ° 2: it is advisable to book your stay well in advance; by doing so, it is possible to take advantage of good offers announced by the tour operators themselves.
  • Rule n ° 3: it is advisable to stay for at least two nights; hotels usually offer affordable prices for long stays or weekends.

Lido di Venezia where you can eat well and spend little

Here is according to one our experience and according to traveler reviews what are the best cheap hotels in Venice:

Hotel Santa Lucia Venice

THEHotel Santa Lucia it is the ideal place where to stay in Venice on a budget.

La structure is equipped with every comfort and a beautiful garden where, during the warmer months, the guests with an abundant breakfast.

Hotel Santa Lucia it is located in Calle de la Misericordia, 358 Canareggio - Venice Tel (+39) 041 715180.

Others cheap hotels and B&B in Venice I'm:

  • B&B Al Giardino – Via Altinia 1199/B Tel (+39) 041 5010556
  • B&B Ai Tre Ponti - Rio Terra dei Pensieri, 359 / B Tel (+39) 041 710962
  • Hotel della Salute - Dorsoduro, 222 Tel (+39) 041 5235404
  • Hotel Locanda Sant'Anna - Corte Bianco Castello, 269 Tel (+39) 041 5286466

If you want to have information useful and advice on what to do and what to see in Venice consult VENEZIA VACANZA USEFUL ADVICE.

Venice pictures and photos

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