Three unmissable coves in the Gulf of Orosei

The three beaches of the Orosei Gulf, in Sardinia, which we advise you not to miss for a low cost holiday and above all in contact with nature. The coves to see with the warm light of dawn and those to see at sunset, such as Cala Luna.

You know the photos in which crystalline turquoise water collides on white rocks overlooking the sea? If so, you've probably already seen some images that the Gulf of Orosei and the coves present in this gulf offer visitors.

Three unmissable coves in the Gulf of Orosei

The geographical conformation of the Gulf of Orosei has allowed the sea and the wind - which blows here constantly - to create beautiful coves and coves where, once on the beach, it seems to be in two distinct places: if you look towards the hinterland, a canyon with rugged shapes and typically Mediterranean luxuriant vegetation makes you look like you are in a wood; if you turn towards the sea you can enjoy a beautiful view of the open sea and a wonderful sea at all times.

Cala Goloritzè

With its spike and natural arch recognizable among many highs, Cala Goloritzè it is a triumph of colors from sunrise to sunset. A small beach surrounded by white and gray granites at times collapsed. Testimony of these landslides are the boulders that in the water have taken the usefulness of a diving board and on the beach excellent very scenic support points. If you have the chance, do not miss this place from the sea, at dawn; being oriented to the east, in the morning the cliffs take on a pink-orange color that only lasts for a few minutes!

Not of sand but of pebbles, the small expanses of white pebbles, round and smooth of the Piscine di Venere will be the ideal ground to rest after swimming to get to shore. The very positive side of this place is that they are not very busy and there is always a space to relax. These are some natural pools in the middle of collapsed rocks. Lying at the Piscine di Venere is like being in paradise, embraced by crystal clear turquoise water and a unique atmosphere in the world.

Three unmissable coves in the Gulf of Orosei

Cala Luna

Al sunset go to Cala Luna, it will not disappoint you: it looks like a coast with coarse sand on which it is not difficult to walk. The main characteristics of this beach are two: the first is definitely the caves that open into the wall to the right of the beach. The stretch on foot to get there is to be covered carefully because the rocks when they are wet or sand are present make them slippery. When there is low tide all the caves are connected with a strip of sand (when there is high tide they can still be reached by walking in the water). The second feature is the huge canyon that opens behind the beach; where a dense Mediterranean scrub forest begins where smells of a sour nature they make you feel in the most isolated place in the world. On this beach there are no beach umbrellas and deck chairs. There is a restaurant just behind the beach. On the coast there is a stand where you can rent equipment such as masks, fins etc, you also have the opportunity to buy return tickets to Cala Gonone by sea (at the price of eight euros).

Three unmissable coves in the Gulf of Orosei

Cala Gonone

Getting to these coves is not entirely easy. Being in the unspoiled nature of Gennargentu National Park, the Gulf of Orosei has no invasive infrastructures and arriving in these coves is not always easy: The Piscine di Venere cannot be reached by land or even with the boats that depart from Cala Gonone; you will have to go to a dinghy rental if you want to get there. Cala Goloritzè and Cala Luna can be reached by land through paths that open from the road and run through the canyons until they reach the beach. The route can last from one to two hours of walking in the wilderness. A unique experience made to fully appreciate the nature of this wonderful gulf. A good choice to appreciate this area is buy a ticket for a tour of the most beautiful beaches in the Gulf with the possibility of disembarking and enjoying the sun for a few hours on the beach. The boats leave from the dock of Cala Gonone, the town located in the center of the Gulf of Orosei and the starting point for these excursions.

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