Arbatax Park Resort in Sardinia, a holiday for everyone

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Arbatax Park Resort in Sardinia, a village on one of the most beautiful coasts of the island, which offers various services for different holiday needs. From family holidays and with children to that for the youngest.


Arbatax Park offers different types of accommodation, from the cheapest Telis and Cala Moresca, to the Cottages and Suites. The Telis is also the part that is located in the middle of the structure, very close to the reception, one of the restaurants and the main swimming pool. From here, it takes just a few minutes to walk to the sea. The rooms of the Telis all have air conditioning, bathroom with personalized products, large wardrobes for those who intend to spend a week or more and television. The Telis suites consist of two rooms and also have a balcony with sea view.

The property offers several restaurants and spots to whet something. The bars offer drinks and snacks all day until XNUMX am. The Telis restaurant is open from morning to serve breakfast, until evening for dinner. Usually the choices are between meat and fish, while cereals and croissants abound in the morning. The most beautiful part is undoubtedly that of the sea, the water is crystal clear and in the most rocky area you can sunbathe on the rocks.

How to reach us

There are three ways to reach Arbatax Park. You can arrive by plane to Cagliari or Olbia. It will take you about an hour and a half from Cagliari airport without traffic and about two hours during the day. As for the Olbia airport, however, the journey time is slightly longer. A good solution, alternatively, is to arrive at the port of Arbatax which is connected to both Civitavecchia and Genoa, while from July to September the connection with fast ships from Fiumicino is also activated.

For the family

Arbatax Park is an ideal accommodation for those with small children because it allows you to enjoy the sea, the beach and even the most suitable areas for children without worries. One of the areas that can fascinate the little ones is the Bellavista nature and wildlife park which covers an area of ​​40 hectares. Here there are also donkeys and horses, deer, ponies and carpets.

The excursions

Among the activities to do inside the park, there are also several to do outside, such as boat trips. One of the trips I tried was the one to Cala Goloritzè. Getting here by boat can be a sacrifice if you suffer from seasickness, but the landscape and above all the blue water, repay the sacrifice made.
It may not be defined as an excursion, but an activity apart, yes. Inside the park there is also a restaurant that offers Sardinian specialties and typical dishes, the Su Coile is open only for dinner and I must say that here you can eat really well. Among the typical Sardinian dishes that I tasted the culurgiones, a sort of Sardinian ravioli with cheese, really enchanted me.

Bellavista Spa

A mention should also be made of the Bellavista Spa, a small jewel within theArbatax Park. The spa is located on a hill and the view at sunset is wonderful. The spa offers various wellness programs and also many treatments, including the one I tried as a couple, the sartorial massage. The massage has this name because the masseuse does not follow a single massage style, but adapts to the needs of the body of the person in front of her. A feeling of intense well-being for 50 minutes at a cost of around € 70.

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