In Camden Town an ethnic and low-cost lunch

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London It is a city where it can be difficult to have lunch on a few pounds without folding the usual burger with fries or a tuna sandwich. But for those looking for new low-cost flavors and a little fun there is no better place than the market Camden Town.

Famous as the metropolis' alternative rock-metal-punk neighborhood, Camden Town is now an area of ​​great tourist influx with numerous stalls and shops nestled in the old stables, the stables that once housed her majesty's horses.

Here you can find everything, both for it Shopping that for the food: from Chinese to Mexican, from Italian to Lebanese, from Turkish to Japanese, every cuisine in the world seems to have gathered here in a triumph of stalls full of scents, spices and colors. The funniest part is to go between the various counters and take advantage of the tastings kindly offered by the attendants: some fried shrimp or some croquettes will certainly convince you to buy.

With a few pounds you are assured of a tasty lunch that can be consumed on the wooden tables set up in the squares or on the saddle of fake scooters parked along the canal. It is ideal for trying small samples of exotic foods and taking a break outdoors on sunny days that London can unexpectedly give.

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