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    10 things to eat in Genoa

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    The ten typical dishes of the Genoese to visit the city of Genoa like a local. Find out which are the best known and most famous dishes but above all the most appreciated in Genoa for a visit to the city and its beauties, but above all for a culinary and food and wine visit to Genoa.

    Eating in Genoa it means enjoying a cuisine based mainly on legumes, fish and wild herbs.
    Those who want to visit this city, before leaving, should know what the typical dishes of Genoa, not to be missed, and the best places to find them. The typical Genoese cuisine is characterized by numerous traditional dishes, here, I bring you my favorites.

    1. Genoese focaccia

    Focaccia is the most typical dish of Genoa. The Genoese eat it at any time of day, from breakfast, soaked in cappuccino, to dinner.

    It can be found in different versions, the two main ones are the classic one with oil, and the one with cheese. The Genoese focaccia is really difficult to prepare at home, so much so that even the Genoese themselves buy it in bakeries. Among the best known places in Genoa, for the best focaccia, I recommend the Mario bakery in via San Vincenzo (recommended to eat the classic one), and the pizzeria "Del Ponte" which is located both in Genoa and in Recco, where you can try the cheese version. If you don't eat focaccia, you can't say you've been to Genoa.
    When you think about what to see in one day in Genoa, take into consideration that you will necessarily have to taste the typical Genoese focaccia.

    2. Panissa

    Panissa is one of the more particular dishes of Genoa, to be tasted in the alleys of the historic center at the numerous fry shops. It is in fact a kind of polenta made with chickpea flour, cut into sticks and fried. It can also be found in trattorias, and is usually accompanied by other fried vegetables. Very tasty. If you want to stay in Genoa a little longer than expected, make sure you have the guide with you what to see in three days in Genoa. Certainly panissa is a dish that you will taste on this holiday in Liguria.

    3. Top

    The top is a second Genoese dish, very often served as an appetizer. It consists of a piece of veal, cut into thin slices and stuffed with different ingredients such as peas, egg, mushrooms, pine nuts, cheese and some aromatic herbs. The preparation is not simple, but it is a dish much loved by the Genoese, consistent and delicious!

    4. Minestrone and soups

    Genoese cuisine, like the Ligurian one, is mainly based on legumes. For this reason in Genoa there are numerous trattorias that offer a great variety of soups and hot / cold soups based on legumes, vegetables and even fish. The classic Genoese minestrone is prepared with ingredients such as beans, pesto, potatoes and green beans. The soup is part of the Genoese culture and even if you are not a lover of soups, I still recommend that you try at least one. Among the places to try, you cannot miss "Zupp" in via Salita di Coccagna, 10r.

    5. Panera

    It is a coffee parfait, all Genoese. The name panera stands for “cream - black”, as coffee powder is added to the cream. It is not found everywhere, because it is a very characteristic dessert. It is mostly found in the form of ice cream. The best place to eat the panera flavor, in my opinion, is at the “Siculo” ice cream parlor in via Tebisonda.

    6. Pasqualina cake

    Pasqualina cake is another typical Genoese recipe. From the name we understand that it is a dish that is eaten during the Easter period, but in reality it is eaten all year round.
    It is a savory pie made with puff pastry and a vegetable filling, in different versions. The most classic version is the one prepared with the filling of beets, peas and artichokes, but very often it is made only with beets and prescinseua, a type of creamy cheese with a slightly sour taste.

    7. Sweet rolls and canestrelli

    Pandolce and canestrelli are two typical sweets of the Ligurian tradition. The pandolce is a panettone with raisins, pine nuts, almonds and candies, while the canestrelli are shortbread cookies, shaped like a daisy. Their peculiarity is that of having a very fragrant aroma, which is generally aniseed, vanilla, lemon or cocoa. If you want to taste these typical sweets, and more, a must is the Panarello pastry shop, in via XX Settembre. One basket leads to another, I assure you.

    Between one dish and another, while you're in the city, don't forget to see some monuments, the Aquarium and the caruggi of Genoa. I advise you not to miss the 10 things for which Genoa is worth seeing and then you can go back to taste all your dishes.

    8. Farinata

    Farinata is another legume-based dish and usually serves as a main course or main course. It is a mixture of only chickpea flour, water, oil and salt. Everything is cooked in the oven at a very high temperature. The result is a very very thin quiche. A tasty dish, to be served with cheese or vegetables. In Genoa it can be found in all the trattorias and bakeries. In via San Vincenzo, the street par excellence for street food, you certainly can't go wrong.

    9. Pansotti with walnut sauce

    I admit pansotti with walnut sauce are my favorite dish! They are ravioli filled with wild herbs, seasoned with a walnut sauce usually made with prescinseua and chopped walnuts. A dish by no means light but definitely worth trying.

    10. Pesto

    The pesto, obviously, could not be missing from this list. One of the musts of the typical Genoese cuisine. A condiment based on basil, pine nuts, garlic, oil and parmesan, which is used not only to season pasta, but also to flavor minestrone, soups, focaccia, savory pies and also as a base on pizza, instead of tomato sauce .
    In short, the Genoese really use it on everything! Traditionally it is eaten with trofie, potatoes and green beans. To try. Any advice on where to eat Genoese pesto? You absolutely must try the Sa 'Pesta Restaurant, one of the most characteristic of all Genoa, you will fall in love with it.

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