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    Where to eat the Bari focaccia in Bari: top 3

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    Where to eat focaccia from Bari, typical street food of the city of Bari in Puglia. Here is the personal ranking of Carmela, a native of Bari who takes us through the streets of Vecchia Bari to discover the places of the best focaccia.

    La cake it is a particularly popular food in my part of the world and it is often used for a morning or afternoon break or even as a complete meal given its goodness. Obviously there are different types of focaccia coming from all over Italy, but surely the focaccia “alla barese” deserves a particular mention! So here are some practical tips on where to taste it right in the Apulian capital.

    1. Athens Focaccia

    A particular place in my heart is reserved for Athena Buns, in Via Crisanzio n. 8, in front of the entrance to the University of Bari, precisely because being so close to the literary faculties, in particular "my" law, it was the ideal place for a lunch break or maybe a mid-morning break ... It is a place that is always full precisely because university students meet there and the focaccia is absolutely divine… Good the classic one or the varients with tomato and mozzarella, potatoes, mozzarella and cooked into cubes and mozzarella and wurstel. A mention also to the bundles… delicious, even if focaccia is absolutely the queen!

    2. Magda Bakery

    Still near the University, towards Via Argiro we find the Magda Bakery, also this always particularly crowded at lunchtime, not only by students but also by office workers on their lunch break. It is also more properly a rotisserie, pastry shop and bar that also offers the first of the day and that provides some tables, for the lucky ones who manage to grab it. For 39 years, Magda's focaccia has made the people of Bari dream and also the many tourists who visit it.

    3. Fiore bakery

    Finally, in the historic center of Bari, a stone's throw from the Church of San Nicola, is the Fiore bakery (Via Palazzo di Città n. 38) which produces a really excellent focaccia, perhaps more substantial than the others, but really inviting. Also try the homemade taralli (normal, with rosemary and potatoes and those with peaks). The location is certainly particularly appreciated by tourists and numerous cruise passengers as it is also a stone's throw from the city port. Finally, a last note for the "calzone" of this bakery ... inside there is everything and more ... but that's another story.

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