Where to eat in Rome: the best typical trattorias

Where to eat in Rome: the best typical trattorias

After the success of the article on Milanese trattorias, by popular demand comes the one on typical restaurants and trattorias in Rome. Many places to eat and drink in Rome can also be found in the article on What to see in Rome in 3 days. 

In Rome there are thousands of trattorias, some more authentic and historic ... others less so; the sòla (or the “package”, Milanese style) is always lurking, especially if you are in the historic center! Be careful !! With this article (which will be integrated continuously) I hope you will take a little less.

The best trattorias to eat in Rome

1.The cistern from Carlone (Trastevere area) 

I inaugurate this review on the best typical restaurants with a historic trattoria in the heart of Trastevere. A genuine place with super abundant dishes (I recommend you take a portion of pasta in 2 if you want to get out alive). The half sleeves alla gricia are excellent, but also the classic cacio & pepe. Very honest prices and impeccable service.

2.Hostaria da Enzo (Testaccio area) 

Typical Roman trattoria on Via Ostiense, with an extensive traditional menu. The managers are very nice, the dishes are abundant and the food is good. A must try! Good value for money.

3.Ar grottino der movatore (Garbatella area)

Historic trattoria, open since the 60s. The first courses are the main dish and the portions are huge (minimum 2 ounces of pasta .. to divide into 2, if you don't want to die!) And very good. More than fair prices (around 25 euros)

4.Il Quagliaro (Quarticciolo area)

This is also a super-historic trattoria (it has existed since 1958), with typical Roman cuisine. It is famous above all for quail (and where do you eat quail in a restaurant nowadays ??) cooked in a pan in a wood oven, served with olives, mushrooms and toasted bread. The first courses are also very good. A must try! They say they have raised their prices to a minimum recently, but the quality / price ratio remains good.

5.Trattoria dell'Omo (Termini Station Area)

One of my favorites. From the outside nun je date na lira..as they say in Rome..but once inside you will really appreciate the cuisine and the true Roman welcome. In this Spartan family-run trattoria (mother and father about 70 years old and son about 45/50) you eat very well and spend very little (around 25 euros). Practically compulsory booking!

6.Trattoria Nannarella (Trastevere area)  

A historic tavern in Trastevere, located right in Piazza San Callisto, a stone's throw from Santa Maria in Trastevere. It has several internal rooms and an outside space that is also used in winter, closed by a veranda and with mushrooms. You can't book but the queue runs pretty fast, especially if you go early. The classics are excellent: carbonara, cacio e pepe and amatriciana. Average prices (around 25-30 euros)

7.Trattoria Perilli (Testaccio area) 

It has been an institution in Rome since 1911. A trattoria with few seats (about 50) and impeccable Roman cuisine. The prices are a bit higher than the average (first around 14-15 euros) but it is absolutely worth it. Reservation essential !!

8.Trattoria da Luzzi (Colosseum area)  

A historic trattoria a stone's throw from the Colosseum. Spartan and easy-going place, with typical Roman cuisine and pizzeria. Excellent value for money. Book if you don't want to queue.

9. Osteria La Carbonara (Rione Monti area)

Opened in 1906, the Carbonara is a very good trattoria in the heart of the Monti district. All the cuisine offered (first, second, desserts, etc.) lives up to its fame. The prices are a bit higher than usual (we are around 30-35 euros), but it's worth it. It is essential to book a few days in advance, especially for the weekend.

10.Pommidoro Restaurant (San Lorenzo area)  

Historic trattoria in San Lorenzo, family-run for 120 years. A place very dear to intellectuals and writers such as Pasolini and Moravia, it maintains the tradition of Roman cuisine high. Carbonara, coda alla vaccinara, tripe, etc. are never lacking! The prices are a little higher than the average (they spend around 35-40 euros) but it deserves it.

11.Tanto pe Magnà (Zona Garbatella)

This family-run trattoria is located in the heart of Garbatella and offers the classic dishes of Roman cuisine, but also more. The pasta is homemade and the portions are very veeery abundant. Excellent value for money: you spend an average of 25 euros and you come out full until you burst.

12. Osteria Palmira (Monteverde area)

Super-welcoming trattoria in Monteverde that offers classic Roman cuisine: amatriciana and coda alla vaccinara of indisputable level and super recommended! Very low prices (around 25 euros each). Open only in the evening.

13.Osteria de Memmo (Central Area - Piazza Navona)

Level tavern in the historic center, you enter from an alley behind Piazza Navona. Classic dishes of Roman cuisine but also dishes with fish and other seasonal ingredients. You spend a little more than the average, but it's worth it (both for the quality and for the area). They spend around 30-35 euros per person

That said ... tycoon nonsense every now and then!

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