Where to eat ramen in Milan: the 10 best restaurants

Other than sushi and tempura! The Windows is becoming the real star of Japanese cuisine in Milan. What exactly is it? It is a typical Japanese broth, but probably of Chinese origin. Typically it is based on pork, but there are also variations of fish, beef and chicken. If you've never tasted it, you don't know what you're missing! It has a very intense flavor and is usually flavored with soy and miso, with the addition of noodles, eggs and vegetables. Considering my passion for Asian cuisine, it is no surprise that this Japanese soup has become one of my culinary obsessions; since I went to Japan then we can easily talk about addiction! In Milan, Japanese cuisine is very popular and the quality is very very high. However, finding a ramen made as god commands is not easy and there has been no shortage of misadventures. Also for this I want to share my ten favorite ramen restaurants with you… I hope this list can provide insights to all Milanese ramen lovers! Konnichiwa!

1. Ramen House + Ramen Super House (Island): Simply the best!

Perhaps one of the best known Ramen restaurants, Ramen House it's a small place with very Japanese minimalist decor and superlative ramen. The chef Luca Catalfamo he is very Italian, but his soups are very reminiscent of Japanese flavors. The dishes are abundant and the prices fair. Unfortunately, as it is not possible to book, at peak times you will have to wait a bit before being able to sit down. Ramen Super House it is the chef's second opening (here you can book!) and follows the same concept, but in addition to ramen it also offers other dishes of creative Japanese cuisine. It is located in Via Ugo Bassi at 26.

Via Porro Lambertenghi 25

+39 02 3944 4560

2. Baby Ramen (Moscova): historical ramen

Baby Ramen is another well-known name in Milan when it comes to Japanese cuisine and especially ramen. It is a restaurant that interprets this Japanese dish in an original way, adding a touch of Italianness and vaguely Mediterranean flavors. Some criticize it because "you don't need real ramen", but I have to say I was very impressed. The environment is minimal but not too much and above all I appreciated the idea of ​​a large table where people can socialize and make friends. I recommend tasting their Gyoza, Japanese ravioli, perhaps as an appetizer.

Via Solferino 48, 20121

+39 02 3679 9000

3. Pasta B (Duomo): hand made ramen and ravioli

Unlike the two restaurants mentioned above, Pasta B not only specialize in ramen, but I can assure you that this Asian fusion restaurant has nothing to envy to the competition. Their ramen is handmade (the kitchen is open and you can see it with your eyes) and they are delicious and considering the location the prices are really competitive! I recommend you try the pork soup with homemade noodles and vegetables. Even the appetizers deserve and their ravioli are the end of the world (even on this they are a guarantee!).

Via Ulrico Hoepli 1, 20121

+39 02 7200 4298

4. Mi-Ramen Bistro (Ticinese): ramen mignon

This small restaurant a stone's throw from Porta Ticinese was a fairly recent discovery and I was thrilled. The menu is reduced to the bone and the place is mignon, but boy what ramen! I tried both the shrimp variant and the more classic pork variant and both were super. The egg (I love it!) Was cooked to perfection and the pasta was also yummy. If you have a little hole in your stomach, try their dessert with ice cream and azuki, the classic Japanese red beans ubiquitous in all Japanese desserts.

Viale Col di Lana 15, 20136

+39 339 232 2656

5. Nozomi (Independence): ramen to be customized

The ramen of Nozomi it tastes so authentically Japanese that by closing my eyes I could very well be in Kyoto or Osaka. They offer both the Shoyu Ramen version, based on soy sauce, and the Miso Ramen, flavored with miso. I love miso (made from fermented soy) the most, but both variants are super flavorful. One thing I particularly liked is that you can customize your ramen by adding nori seaweed, fermented bamboo, eggs, bacon or bean sprouts. So, even depending on what you want, you can order a lighter soup or a real calorie bomb.

Via Pietro Calvi 2, 20129

+39 02 7602 3197

6. Fukurou (De Angeli): authentic Japanese

Fukurou it's one of my all time favorite Japanese restaurants (according to many it's the most authentic Japanese in town) and their ramen is a bomb! The chef is from Osaka and brings with him all the gastronomic flavors of his beautiful city. From appetizers, to sashimi, to ramen, there is nothing that is not a guarantee. Speaking of ramen my favorite is the classic Shio, pork and chicken broth with shrimp and noodle extract. For the more daring there is also the Ramen Tantan, spicy, with minced pork and black sesame. Here, too, paying extra you can add eggs, porchetta, leek or menma, bamboo shoots. For dessert, in addition to the azuki-based variants, there is an exquisite macha cheese-cake, the Japanese green tea par excellence. Reservation more than recommended.

Via Antonio Tolomeo Trivulzio 16, 20146

+39 02 4007 3383

7. Ramen Shifu Milano (Central): creative ramen

Located near the Central Station, on Via Fabio Filzi (close to other excellent Asian restaurants such as Mu Dim Sum or Leon D'Oro), Ramen Shifu is the latest addition to the list. In fact, it opened in August 2019, just a few months before they closed us at home for Covid-19. The brand was born in Spain and focused on a modern concept of Japanese street food. The preparation of the broth is based on the original recipe of the Hakata region: 6 hours of cooking to give life to the tasty dish with a thick consistency, based on pork bones, served with fine noodles. There are many different types of ramen, from the traditional Tonkotsu Ramen to Shoyu Ramen (the ramen of the Japanese capital, Tokyo) or Miso Ramen (widespread in the province of Sapporo). Among the more creative specialties are Fried Chicken Ramen, Ebi Tempura Ramen and Beef Curry Ramen.

Via Fabio Filzi 10, 20124 XNUMX

+39 02 8726 4268

8. Japanese Oasis (Bande Nere): a corner of Japan in Milan

In addition to very good sushi and exceptional Okonomiyaki (a kind of Japanese pancake), the Japanese Oasis serves ramen worthy of making this list. Born as a take-away and family-run, it has also been transformed into a restaurant and welcomes about thirty people. For less than twenty euros, I can recommend their ramen set: shoyu or miso ramen with pork, eggs, spring onions, nori seaweed, bean sprouts, sesame and as an accompaniment fried chicken and shrimp ravioli. A delicacy!

Via Raimondo Montecuccoli 8, 20147

+39 02 4154 0047

9. Ramen house (Zona Solari): ramen, ravioli and macha

La Ramen House it is a small restaurant with a simple menu, but every dish is studied in detail and the quality of the ramen is exceptional. They offer the variant of beef, pork, fish and also the vegetarian option. Their ravioli are made on the spot and are a delicacy. Perhaps more reminiscent of Chinese cuisine, but with the lightness and attention to detail typical of Japan. For dessert lovers like myself, don't miss the macha ice cream!

Via Andrea Solari 23, 20144

+39 02 5811 1459

10. Ramen Misoya (Porta Nuova): ramen with many variations

Opened in recent years, Ramen Misoya belongs to a Japanese restaurant chain already present in various countries and offers a very interesting menu. As the name suggests, emphasizes the Ramen-Miso combination and gives the opportunity to taste different types of miso within the ramen. Miso is imported from Japan, and miso from Tokyo has a lighter flavor, while miso from Hokkaido is stronger and fuller. They have two vegetarian ramen options, as well as the classic variations with pork and chicken. If you are looking for a new appetizer, I recommend you try their Takoyaki, a kind of fried octopus meatball typical of Osaka fried in batter.

Via Solferino 41, 20121

+39 02 8352 1945

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