The MAAM of Rome, when art is defended

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Inside there is also a cafeteria where it is possible to eat cuisines from different parts of the world, and above all a playroom, where the children who live there go to play and do their homework helped by volunteers.

Many events of all kinds are organized and you can find all the information on programming on the museum's Facebook page.

The works are all really beautiful, but the ones that moved me the most are certainly the following:

- “The warriors of light” by Stafania Fabrizi, who stand up to defend the entrance to the museum

- "Peace" by Eduardo Kobra, one of the three large murals of the surrounding wall, which represents peace and inter-religiosity

- “Piedad” by Borondo, another of the three murals of the surrounding wall

- “Metropolitan constellations” by Maura Maugliani, two huge portraits made entirely in pen

- "Free Sanaa" by Ammar Abo Bakr, a mural inside that portrays a profile of a beautiful woman

The MAAM is open to the public only on Saturdays (events apart) and if you are lucky you can meet Giorgio de Finis, the curator of the MAAM, who with great passion and involvement will guide you inside the museum telling you the stories of the various works.

As Pablo Echaurren wrote in the catalog, "MAAM is an anti-museum based on the economy of the gift and on the fact that art is not and must not be the exclusive prerogative of a secular priesthood that claims the right to keep its secrets and rites ".

I found it a very beautiful, moving, and important project.

Go, go, go… and you will also see it with your eyes !!!

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