Lanzarote: the most beautiful beaches and natural pools

After the articles on "How to organize a trip to Lanzarote","What to see in Lanzarote","The most beautiful treks in Lanzarote".. I could only close with an article on most beautiful beaches. In fact, in addition to the wonderful landscapes and architecture, Lanzarote can also boast of having paradisiacal beaches (it lacks nothing!). The beaches for swimming and relaxing in the sun without too much wind are found along the east coast of the island, especially in the center-south, while the most famous for surfing mainly in the north-west. The wind that characterizes Lanzarote is in fact quite stable and almost always blows from the north-east. 

Most beautiful beaches in Lanzarote to swim and relax

Papagayo Beach (Playa Blanca)

This white sand beach is located near Playa Blanca and is probably the most famous and most loved in Lanzarote. The beach is in fact located in one natural cove protected by a cliff and very sheltered from the wind. Papagayo Beach it offers very beautiful backdrops for those who want to snorkel and is also particularly suitable for families with children. Although it is one of the best, it is not very crowded, it has a large parking lot and on the cliff immediately above there is also a "chiringuito", a small restaurant where you can eat for both lunch and dinner (enjoying a great sunset!). In the same area and with the same orientation, there are many other beaches: Playa Mujeres, Playa San Marcial, Playa del Pozo and Playa de la Cera, and on the east side of the tip there is also Playa del Congrio which, however, is more exposed to the sea ​​when it is rough. To get to these beaches you can take the car (all have a large parking lot), but you can also come on foot from Playa Blanca if you want to take a nice walk (about 45 ′). 

Playa Dorada (Playa Blanca)

Playa Dorada it is one of the city beaches of Playa Blanca and, in my opinion, is the most beautiful. It is a beach of golden (indeed!) And fine sand, partly equipped with sun loungers and umbrellas, partly free. Playa Dorata is also a beach sheltered from the wind and therefore perfect for enjoying the sun and, above all, for swimming. The seabed is sandy and descends gradually, so it is also good for children. Immediately above the beach there is a very large chiringuito where you can eat or get a drink, also nice to have an aperitif at sunset. 

Playa Grande and Playa Chica (Puerto del Carmen)

We are now moving further north to 2 very beautiful beaches in Puerto del Carmen: Playa Chica e Playa Grande. Playa Chica, as the name implies, is a small beach located just behind the port; it is repaired but not equipped. Playa Grande is located just above and is a beautiful white sand beach more than 1 km long and equipped with sun beds, umbrellas, showers and bars. Fringed by palm trees, it is certainly the most popular beach in Puerto del Carmen. 

Caleton Blanco (Orzola)

From the equipped beaches in the most touristic places on the island we pass to a super wild and wonderful beach, namely the Caletòn Blanco, which is located just before Orzola. The beach is not equipped and you will not find anything to drink or eat but the color of the water is Caribbean! At this point of the coast the water is shallow (even at high tide it will come to life) and the color is incredible. It is a perfect beach for everyone, including children, and it is absolutely not to be missed !! 

La Francesa and Amarilla Beach (La Graciosa)

La Francesa Beach e Yellow Mountain Beach (also called Playa La Cocina) are the most beautiful beaches on the island of La Graciosa and they are both reachable only on foot from the port. Walking south from Caleta del Sebo for 2,8 km, in about 35-40 'you will first reach Playa de la Francesa, a beautiful beach of fine white sand sheltered from the wind. The water is crystal clear and is perfect for swimming. Going further for 10-15 ', on the slopes of Montaña Amarilla (an ocher-colored volcano that you cannot miss) you will also reach Playa de la Montaña Amarilla. Here too the sand is fine and the scenery is exceptional, with the yellow volcano behind and the Famara cliff in front.  

Playa de la Arena (Playa Quemada)

Another beautiful beach perfect for swimming and relaxation is Arena Beach in the small resort of Playa Quemada. The beach attached to the town is made up of sand and pebbles, while the second, walking south, is a beautiful black sand beach protected by a rocky ridge. It is a sheltered beach where you can swim safely. When you go there, however, beware of the tide! When the sea rises, it is no longer possible to return to the town via the beach, but you will have to go through the path that climbs the ridge. On this occasion I recommend that you stop for lunch at The Fisherman ristorante di Playa Quemada. 

Most beautiful beaches in Lanzarote to see (and / or to surf) 

Caleta de Famara 

The best beach in Lanzarote for surfing is definitely Famara, a beautiful 6 km long beach located on the northwest coast. It is one of the most exposed to winds and, for this reason, it is the most popular beach for surfers. Here you will find many schools to learn how to practice this sport (especially in Caleta de Famara), like this 3-day course. The beach is very long and is protected by a long cliff that goes down to the sea; the latter is nothing more than the slope of a volcano that exploded millions of years ago and is truly scenic. It is also worth seeing it from above, from Risco de Famara, making a small trek or directly reaching the Parque del Bosquesillo by car. 


Another beach much loved by surfers, especially by beginners ... but not only that, it is there Arrieta beach. This beach is located just north of the Cueva de los Verdes and Jameos del Agua, just before the inhabited village. The beach has protruding rocks so it is not suitable for swimming, but the village of Arrieta is nice and has excellent restaurants: try the Casa de la Playa (right on the beach) or El Amanecer.

La Santa

La Santa it is the destination of Lanzarote of choice for experienced surfers. There are waves here that require more experience, but, from what they say, give a lot of satisfaction. The village is nothing special, but don't miss the local cuisine Ristorante El Barquillo, a super free-range restaurant that nevertheless gives emotions. 

Montana Bermeja Beach, Charco de los Clicos and Janubio Beach

These 3 beaches are located on the west coast of Lanzarote, all south of El Golfo. the first is Clicos Beach, the black beach that characterizes the Green Lake . This beach is magnificent both seen from above, from the mirador of Charco de los Clicos, which from below (but you will have to access it from the other side, that is, from here)  Montana Bermeja Beach, hidden among the rocks of Los Ervideros, a black sand beach much loved by surfers when the wind / wave conditions allow it. Finally, even further south you will find Janubio Beach, the beach that is located in front of the salt flats of the same name, a beautiful black sand beach, very scenic especially at sunrise and sunset. 

Natural pools in Lanzarote 

Charcones de Janubio 

As in all the Canary Islands, even in Lanzarote there are natural pools and the most beautiful are certainly those of Charcones de Janubio. Going south from the Janubio salt flats, after a few kilometers (and a minimum of research and adventure) you can reach these beautiful natural pools. You will have to leave the car at this point and then proceed on foot (unless you have a 4 × 4) to here. You have to lean out of the cliff well to see them from above, before going down to the pools. It is a decidedly unspoiled place where you can take a bath in complete tranquility, as if it were a private swimming pool.

Charco del Palo

On the opposite coast, to the north, there are the natural pools of Charco del Palo, in the naturist area par excellence of Lanzarote. These pools are less "natural" than the others because they have added concrete to make the descent more comfortable, but they are still beautiful. Be careful when entering the water because it slips a lot (use the handrail!).  

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