My first glamping among the olive trees of Umbria

Specifically, Daniela and Massimo are able to organize always different eco-tours, ranging from visits to producers of food and wine specialties linked to the territory, to cultural, artistic and landscape gems that Umbria is full of. 

In fact, there are many places to visit around Villa Elevia and the choice of what to see has always been difficult (getting 5 heads to agree is never trivial). In the end, thanks to Massimo's suggestions, we opted for the evergreen Orvieto (with its Cathedral which is one of the most beautiful in Italy), Alviano (with the beautiful medieval castle and the WWF oasis), Narni (the geographical center of Italy), Amelia and Montecchio himself. 

Even if three days are very few to discover all the beauties of the region, they were enough to make me fall in love with Umbria once again, a wonderful region that I had not visited since I lived in Rome (since prehistoric times), in which the relationship with nature it is stronger than in any other part of Italy (not surprisingly it is called the green lung of Italy). But am I also sure that any excuse will be a good one to return to Villa Elevia soon?

Glamping Villa Eleiva is open from May / June to mid-October (check the website for exact dates)

NOTE: Personally, I think that activities like these promoted by Ulivolio are very important, especially in these times when we are completely losing contact with the genuineness of the earth and with the environment; everything is aimed at the maximum and extensive exploitation of the territory, often losing sight of the quality of life and of the product itself. The more I think about it, the more I see myself in a few years in any place on the globe where I can wake up and have a forest, the sea or why not an olive grove in front of me… everything except concrete. Downshifting is the real revolution!

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