Taralli in Puglia, where to taste them in Molfetta

Taralli in Puglia, where to taste them in Molfetta

During your trip to Puglia you cannot help but taste the delicious taralli, easily available in various bakeries and pastry shops, often also in local restaurants instead of or together with bread. But where to taste the best Apulian taralli it is difficult as the quality of this product everywhere in Puglia is on average quite high, so in this article I simply point out the places where I ate the taralli that have remained in my heart.

Molfetta The Lady of Sweets

Vico III San Rocco, 22, Molfetta
The taralli of this pastry are considered historical in the city of Molfetta, but also above all the best ever. The variety is not very wide, you can simply choose between with or without fennel seeds, but their taralli are so good that you can't ask for anything else. The pastry shop is also known for the others confectionery specialties molfettesi made with almonds. It is also quite close to the most touristic area of ​​Molfetta of the ancient village and the historic center, but it could be a bit difficult to find for those who are not local because unfortunately there are no signs that easily indicate how to find it, certainly in fact it is of a place more to discover than to find for those unfamiliar with Molfetta, but it's worth it. First of all, I recommend that you move on foot / by bike from Corso Dante moving to the right (opposite the Cathedral) that is towards the Church of San Domenico: at the church, turn left and you will find yourself in Via San Rocco. Go to the sidewalk on your right, you will find three vichi, enter the third and you will find the Lady of Sweets pastry shop. If you prefer to go by car, always coming from Corso Dante, move to the left and park at the Banchina San Domenico (I strongly advise you not to get tangled up further with the car), then continue on foot: on your right you will have the sea, on your left you will notice some stairs. Go up and in front you will find the Church of San Domenico, at this point, the same path as before, turn left, move to the right sidewalk and enter the third alley. You will thank me.

Molfetta the Cousin Bakery

Via Massimo D'Azeglio, 140, Molfetta
Perhaps fewer people know that there is also a variety of taralli Sweets, much larger than usually salty ones, the so-called "egg taralli”And you can find them in all Apulian bakeries. They are delicious to eat alone or for breakfast. The ones I prefer are the egg taralli from the Panificio il Cugino, which however is quite far from the historic center of Molfetta. I recommend that you ask for information on how to get to the Immaculate Church of Molfetta, which corresponds to a square. At the church, turn left and walk along the sidewalk to the right. You will find the bakery after about 200 meters, recognizable by the blue doors. The bakery is also famous for their bread, among the best in the city (if not the best).

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