A good address in Rovigo: B&B Corte Vignazza review

If you plan a stay in Rovigo, here is an address to write down: B&B Corte Vignazza. You will be welcomed in a hospitable environment, with a mountain cabin atmosphere. Seeing is believing.

I recently spent a weekend in Rovigo and for the overnight stay I chose a B&B, because I always like it when you find a warm hospitality different from the hotel.
Hospitality in a B&B is genuine, loving, enthusiastic and proud of the location where it is located.
This is exactly the atmosphere I found in B&B Corte Vignazza in Rovigo, a small city that does not offer much choice in accommodation.

A good address in Rovigo: B&B Corte Vignazza review

B&B Corte Vignazza: where it is located

Il B&B Corte Vignazza it is not central, it is located a little outside the city following the signs for the Po Delta Park, in an area that was once the countryside and now retains agricultural stretches alternating with villas and provincial roads. Last but not least, we are very close to the Rovigo hospital.
From the outside it is hardly noticeable, because there is no sign.

A good address in Rovigo: B&B Corte Vignazza review

The driveway leading to the house is lined with lavender plants because the owners also carry out the business of lavender crop in an adjacent field.
The large house, completely renovated, is simple and almost unadorned on the outside: it was once a cellar where wine was produced, as evoked by the name of the accommodation.

In the most lateral part resides the family of the owners, Vanda and Andrea with their children.
The rest of the house is for guests: in everything there are three rooms dedicated to reception located on the ground floor and on the first floor (attic).
The ground floor rooms have an independent entrance and therefore lead directly onto the large square, which also serves as a parking lot.

The rooms of the Corte Vignazza B&B

The common room, overlooked by the rooms on the ground floor, is the one where breakfast is taken and where one is welcomed: in my case by Andrea, who was playing the upright piano in the room.
There is a mountain hut atmosphere, there are brochures and tourist maps and to the computer Andrea can give a lot of useful information on where to go for dinner, what to visit in the city and its surroundings, what to see in the Veneto Regional Park of the Po Delta, which is only 30 kilometers away.

The Polesine is an area to be explored, with the possibility of naturalistic visits, excursions on foot and by bicycle and places of historical and archaeological interest: here lies the city of Adria, yes, the one that gave its name to the sea and the whole coast. It is a city of Etruscan origin, very ancient.

Returning to our B&B, the room I got - named after it Room of the Hydrangeas - it was really cozy, with a comfortable bed, restful colors, shelf with books to read, code for WiFi. The spacious and very original bathroom.
I think mine was the smallest room: the site contains the

A good address in Rovigo: B&B Corte Vignazza review

Breakfast at the Corte Vignazza B&B

In the morning I always anticipate the expectation of what it will be like there breakfast: I don't like mega buffets in hotels, I like the surprise of finding out what the hosts thought I might like. And I was not disappointed.

A good address in Rovigo: B&B Corte Vignazza review

On a carefully set table I immediately found orange juice and plain yogurt, with a bowl of corn flakes - just what I eat in the morning!
Then came a basket of bread, white and wholemeal, accompanied by curls of butter and jam. And finally Vanda brought us one piece of cake chocolate, still warm, delicious, accompanied by the coffee we ordered at the beginning. All served with grace and kindness.

Our stay was super short, just one night; but the time was enough to appreciate the quality of this small hotel, started a few months ago by passionate people. And the price is competitive: 60 euros for room and breakfast.
An address to write down.

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