Ski events at Christmas in the Civetta area, Val di Zoldo

Like every year the Civetta ski area offers many activities to its guests beyond its snow-covered slopes. In fact, in the splendid setting of the Belluno Dolomites, the Trophy Santa Claus on skis. Fans will not be able to miss this annual event that gathers sportsmen from the most varied corners of Italy: a giant slalom race reserved for the SuperBaby, Baby, Puppies, Boys and Students categories. The event will be at night and will be held starting at 17 pm on December 27 2012 on the slopes of Pecol di Zoldo (registrations will end on December 26th). An excellent opportunity to let your kids compete or just enjoy the atmosphere of an official competition.

Since 14 16 to December instead it will take place there Snow Festival, always in the Civetta ski area, but will be divided between Pecol di Zoldo and Alleghe. In collaboration with the Italian Association of Ski Instructors, during these three days on the snow free trials, material tests, free ski lessons, performances by professional skiers and a torchlight procession at night which will be held at 21 of 15 December in Pecol di Zoldo. Furthermore, for the entire duration of the event, in the Pool Ski Italy Village in Alleghe, the Brainpower association will demonstrate how skiing is a sport that can be practiced by everyone, making its equipment and its teachers specialized in teaching available to the public. to people with disabilities. In addition to all this, fun will also be guaranteed inside the shelters, where you can warm up to the rhythm of music.

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