La Roccia village, a green oasis in Lampedusa

The review of the Villaggio la Roccia di Lampedusa, a green oasis of peace and tranquility with excellent accommodations, good hospitality and a restaurant overlooking the sea. Ready to enjoy seasonal grilled fish?

THELampedusa Island it has a good system of accommodation, with about thirty hotels, as many residences and about 10 clubs. Not to mention the houses that can be rented in the usual private networks such as Airbnb. Most of the structures are located in the city, or near the beaches closest to the town (Cala Guitgia, Cala Madonna). After the town begins the uninhabited stretch of the island, at the edge of which is the only one camping-village of the Island of Lampedusa, called The Rock. My choice once again fell on a campsite, even though it was not possible for me to bring the tent and equipment with the plane.

La Roccia village, a green oasis in Lampedusa

La Roccia village in Lampedusa

I immediately liked the fact that on the site they described themselves as oasis of green and practically the only wooded area of ​​the island, as an environmentally friendly campsite. Hot water from solar energy and separate waste collection also promised to take care of guests' tranquility. The village, from the main road, slopes slowly towards the sea and has access to a delightful cove of white rock, Cala Greca. This place also constitutes the beginning of theprotected sea area of the island.

Since I am a camper, my needs in terms of comfort are quite essential, but some aspects are essential: I am interested in being in contact with nature, having tranquility and the necessary living space.

The offers of the Village

Le hospitality proposals of Camping La Roccia were varied, from the simple pitch to the rented caravan, to the wooden bungalow to the stone studio apartment. So our choice fell on the studio apartment, made with the same local stone that the dammusi, the typical houses of Lampedusa.

The price per night, in July, was quite cheap. The buildings scattered under the trees have various sizes, mine consisted of a bedroom with double bed, kitchenette and bathroom with hot shower. Outside I had a canopy under which there is a table for eating and a relaxation corner with two beds, from which you could see the sea.

An important detail: even if we are up to Sousse, in Tunisia, the heat on the island is absolutely bearable thanks to the continuous ventilation. In the rooms, however, there are shovels that help in the hottest nights.

La Roccia village, a green oasis in Lampedusa

The staff and services

even the staff of the campsite - Karla and Angelo - is very friendly, gives advice and suggests activities that are there but are neither intrusive nor forced: yoga or trekking at dawn on the paths that connect the various coves of the southern coast of the island.

Like other accommodation facilities on the island, Camping la Roccia also offers the possibility to purchase packages, including accommodation and flights, the packages go from Saturday to Saturday. The air carrier from Bologna was Neos for me; all connections to and from the airport are provided by the camping van.

The restaurant

The last (but only because I discovered it in the end) great positive side of Campeggio La Roccia is the restaurant, with a large panoramic terrace overlooking the sea and a varied fish menu.

La Roccia village, a green oasis in Lampedusa

If you go there, favor theFriday evening, when, at a great price, the wonderful is served seafood Grill fished according to the season.
Fresh fish cooked to perfection, the main resource of the island, to put all the flavor of the clear, rich, enchanting sea of ​​Lampedusa on your plate.

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