Frescheria Jamaica, a beach club in Lido Torretta

    If you wander around the beautiful Ionian coast looking for a local different from the usual, you can only land at Frescheria Jamaica, a place located in the dunes of a magnificent golden beach near Lido Torretta, Marina di Lizzano a Taranto.

    Bar by day, pub by night, the Jamaica makes you travel at no cost in the Caribbean land: the restaurant completely follows the Jamaican theme, i colors carrying the flag evoke the warm Caribbean country, the piano bar is full of beautiful Caribbean souvenirs. A young, professional and dynamic staff is at the reception ready to turn out the freshest cocktail starting from € 2,50 and beers starting from € 1,50. The musical background is never banal, it gives a cheerful and carefree atmosphere.

    Jamaica overlooking the sea like a small open-air penthouse with the night seascape that enchants and wants to be photographed, great for those who want to sip their delicious mojito in complete relaxation, finding the ideal moment to shake off everyday life. Since it is fully placed in the dunes, the frescheria offers an easy and holiday environment: they are in fact willing tables with wooden benches on an expanse of sand, so you have the pleasure of enjoying the fine sand under your feet, lovingly forgetting the rest.

    Starting from Thursday evenings full of Caribbean music, r'n'b, reggae, d'n'b, everything free entry. The ideal place to believe you are in Jamaica at least for one evening, without having to buy a ticket.

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