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    Finale Ligure, what to see and beaches

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    What to see in Finale Ligure, what are the beaches and the most characteristic areas of this part of Liguria that you cannot miss for a stay in Italy and the unique sea.

    When you are talking about Liguria we only remember the Riviera dei Fiori because you know, Sanremo is Sanremo, but today I would like to tell you about another coast, that of the Palme.
    It is a long stretch of the Ligurian coast that winds, through the Aurelia, between the towns of Varazze and Andora, and in particular I will tell you about one of these, Finale Ligure.

    It is one of the most popular towns in the area, due to the variety of activities it offers.
    It is divided into Finale Marina with its beaches and its port, Final Borgo the highest and medieval part elected several times one of most beautiful villages in Italy , Final Pia the most inland area and its most famous and exclusive village Varigotti.

    Finale Ligure offers several possibilities to those who want to make one seaside holiday: a long coastline of equipped beaches, with recreational areas for children and teenagers and a free beach right next to the tourist port of San Donato. The promenade is a pleasant walk, between good restaurants and farmers' stalls selling products from their gardens. You just have to choose the beach that best suits your type of holiday: the beaches are pebbles and pebbles and the backdrops for this are very clean and transparent, but bring your shoes!

    To find the beaches from Blue Flag you have to get to Varigotti, towards Noli, also reachable with a comfortable and brand new cycle / pedestrian path just completed.

    Varigotti, apart from a few hotels that have sprung up in the 70s-80s, has preserved its historic center built as a fishing village, with the typical houses by the sea where they returned after fishing trips. Here too there are equipped beaches, but for those who appreciate, just like me, a holiday in freedom, there is also a long stretch of free beaches.

    And the two beaches that attract more tourists here are part of these: Bay of the Saracens e Malpasso.
    They are a few hundred meters from the port but the water changes radically. Its blue is dazzling, fresh and always very clean, like that of those seas that you expect to find only in the south of Italy.
    I would like to point out to you, because it is very important to me, some dog-friendly beaches, always too few in the Bel Paese: Bagni la Ruggia, Bagni Gallo and Bagni America.

    In addition to the most beautiful waters of Liguria in Finale you will find the true paradise for climbing and for mountain bike fanatics. Its hinterland has a wall for climbing which attracts people from all over Europe, and which has up to 3000 (you got it right!) routes to climb thanks to its limestone rock that creates grips for experts and non-experts. One of the most famous European races in the MTB circuit also takes place here.

    For those who want to eat true Ligurian cuisine, rich in both sea and land flavors, I recommend a trip to La Magne, where you can find typical trattorias at reasonable prices, one of which is housed in an old deconsecrated church.

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