Favignana: an island full of wonders

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Lovers of Sicily, this is the post for you! Read the article to learn more about the wonders of Favignana: the main one of the Egadi Islands.

Do you have a few days of vacation and don't want to go abroad? No problem! In Italy there are so many wonderful places to discover and explore and, among them, there is "an island within an island" that will leave you speechless. Spend four days in Favignana, Sicily, and I assure you that you will not regret it. Main island of the Egadi, is located about seven kilometers from the west coast.

How to get to Favignana

To get there, you can start from one of the many Italian airports landing in Trapani (from Ancona airport, for example, there are several direct weekly flights).
Once landed, you will have to organize yourself to be able to move to the city port. Treats her Trapani airport - Trapani port by taxi it is about 30 euros. If you want to save money, book a transfer from home and above all look for other people with whom you can share the shopping. I also advise you to book, before departure, also the ticket for the ferry which will take you to Favignana, so you can save the queue at the ticket office at the port.

How to get around in Favignana

Well, let's go! As soon as you arrive in Favignana you will be struck by the suggestive atmosphere of this small reality. But let's not waste time. As before, what to head to your hotel or home (I recommend a house as close as possible to the town center as, in the evening, the streets are poorly lit), put down your suitcases and find out where to find the closest point to renting bikes or scooters to be able to tour the whole island. With these means you will have no problem moving and you will be able to visit, in a short time, every place of this splendid paradise. In case you need to go shopping, there are several shops and supermarkets in the center that are open until late afternoon.

The splendid Cala Azzurra

After settling in, take a map and get on your vehicle. Begin to get lost (literally!) Among the streets and paths that accompany this island. Go around the entire perimeter of the island by bicycle, in doing so you will find enchanting places before your eyes. The first place I recommend you to visit is Cala Azzurra. It is one of the best known sandy beaches of Favignana, characterized by crystalline and transparent water, with a white backdrop with pink reflections. As soon as I saw it, I was literally speechless. Noteworthy here is the Marcella bar, with a very helpful and friendly staff.

The other coves and the lighthouse of the island

I advise you not to spend the whole day in a single cove, as there are so many to discover. Fill your eyes with such beauty and then leave again, towards Cala Rossa, Cala Rotonda, Bue Marino, Punta Fanfalo, Thin tip, Punta Faraglioni, etc ... Most of the coves can also be reached by sea. Through boats it will also be possible to explore various coves and numerous caves, which make the landscape more and more fascinating.

So let's recap. Things to do in Favignana: turn as many coves as possible by land and by sea. Another thing that you absolutely cannot miss is the sunset in Cala Grande where, nearby, the Island lighthouse. The vision of the sun setting on Marettimo, with its colors that are reflected in the sea and the nearby lighthouse will leave you speechless. Getting there by bike is a bit tiring and you have to be careful, but it will be worth it.

Typical Sicilian delights

After a long ride, I recommend that you go to the center where you can refresh yourself in one of the typical restaurants that you will find in the streets of the city, eating the typical Sicilian delights; then you can go eat a cannon in one of the island's patisseries, and finally you can get lost in the narrow streets of this warm and welcoming land.

If you have time you can also go and visit the Tonnara, located near the port.
Four days will pass quickly, but I assure you that you will return home with a load of unforgettable emotions, because let's face it, Sicily makes you fall in love with her every time you visit it.

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