Enjoy craft beer in Brescia: Xander Brewpub

If you love the taste of craft beer, in its many facets, do not miss this advice for the city of Brescia. The Xander Brewpub is a place where you can taste beer directly produced on site.

I grew up between hills of Lake Garda about twenty kilometers from the city ​​of Brescia, an area fairly famous for the production of wine. In our small way, even my family long ago dabbled in wine production. Times have changed and today the province of Brescia is not only synonymous with wine production but is also starting to make a name for itself in the brewing world for the production of homemade beers, let me also say of a certain level. Brescia is in fact becoming an important reference in this very creative matter, that of raw beer, which can be declined in hundreds of different flavors!

Enjoy craft beer in Brescia: Xander Brewpub

In the post, we will let you discover a particular place to keep an eye on in the city.

Brescia craft beer

In the last decade I started to approach the world of craft beer, initially for fun, with somewhat clumsy attempts of small production, passing through the various trade fairs, stumbling from time to time in tasting courses. Eventually it broke into my heart and I fell in love with it. Craft beer is a real passion, the commitment and popularity that revolves around this drink has meant that it went beyond tables in pubs and taverns, landing in the prestigious slow food salons.

Enjoy craft beer in Brescia: Xander Brewpub

Craft beer is a drink capable of socializing even the most skeptical. Just during a tasting course, I met several small artisan producers in Brescia and one in particular is now part of my typical evening with friends, lo Xander.

Xander, craft beer in Brescia

The Xander in 2012 opened in Brescia, a Brewpub where the beer produced directly in their plant (on site) is served . But not only that, you can also try other craft beers proposed in rotation tapped from the pub's 14 spines. The workhorses of their production are: a golden ale (GOLD RUSH alc 4.5%), an apa (AMMERICANA alc 5.6%), a red ale (XDOPPIOX alc. 6.4%), robust porter (CHOCO PORTER alc 6.5%), and american ipa (FUCKING HOP STYLE alc. 6.5%).

Taste and attention

You are spoiled for choice. In addition, the staff is very knowledgeable and will masterfully guide newbies in the tastings. The restaurant is on two floors, in summer it also has a small outdoor area.
The menu offers few choices but absolutely quality, you can enjoy excellent burgers and also an Italianized version of Alsatian tarte in different types, excellent the one with bacon and mushrooms, as the traditional flambee and all the other various flavors proposed. The vegetarian burgers are also very good and of course the delicious Xander Burger.

Enjoy craft beer in Brescia: Xander Brewpub

Where is the venue

The restaurant is located in Via Dalmazia, 23 / a.
Consult the site and the local social networks, interesting events are often organized, especially for those who love beer.
It opens from Monday to Thursday, from 18pm to 00am, on Fridays and Saturdays from 1pm to 00am, and on Sundays it enjoys its well-deserved rest day.
Are you curious to try the true taste of craft beer? Often very different from the industrial fragrances you are used to. If we have intrigued you, good taste discovery!

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