Eating in Florence at Sabatino

    During my prime BTO in Florence I had a great deal local guide, although I admit that for my exhaustion I refused the after dinner place: (

    Mi led to the Trattoria da Sabatino, do you know it? Probably not because if you are not from Florence looking for it on the internet you will find only the (very valid) reviews of 2 Twine.


    Cosa let's have lunch: all absolutely genuine things, without too many frills or waste. The menu still written with the typewriter (with pen cancellations:) proposes traditional dishes, i mice (round gnocchi with ragù sauce) various appetizers of local cold cuts, vegetables and meat at will, baked potatoes that thunder and sweet, like the homemade cheesecake.

    Il price it is really low, every dish, even the richest does not come more than 4/5 euros per portion and the service is blazing fast. It is worth booking, as already mentioned there is no internet, but you can call the number 055.225955 it is also just outside the Porta di San Frediano, Lungarno area, via Pisana 2 / r.

    Curiosity: each table has a different name written on it “Table on the right, Radio table, Fan-shaped table, Arched table”.

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