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Courmayeur where it is

Courmayeur is a town of about 3.000 inhabitants of theAlta Valdigne in Valle d'Aosta, is placed at the foot of the Mont Blanc and it's
the last Italian town you meet before arriving in Francia via the Mont Blanc Tunnel (exiting at Chamonix).

Courmayeur born at 1224 meters above sea level and is a renowned tourist resort where to spend the holidays in both winter and summer.

Courmayeur what to see

A Courmayeur it is not compulsory to ski in fact it is full of attractions and you can safely turn to admire the beautiful views surrounding.

Now let's see which are the major ones places of interest in Courmayeur:

Courmayeur discos and night clubs

Church of San Pantaleone Courmayeur

La Church of San Pantaleone is the main place of worship of Courmayeur and was born in piazza Abbè Henry.

This beautiful Church home paintings e frescoes very important dating back to the '700 such as those dedicated to the Madonna del Rosario, San Giuseppe and Sant'Antonio.

Casaforte Passerin d'Entréves Courmayeur

La Casaforte Passerin was born in the heart of hamlet of Entréves in the municipality of Courmayeur and it is a house of medieval origin still inhabited today by the Passerin d'Entréves et Courmayeur family.

This beautiful building was built in 1351 at the behest of Giovanni De La Cour Majori and its interior cannot be visited but we advise you to admire it from the outside for its particularity.

Torre Malluquin Courmayeur

La MalluquĂ­n Tower is a beautiful building dating back to the thirteenth century and was born in Piazza Petigax in Courmayeur.

Used for centuries as a residence, the MalluquĂ­n Tower currently hosts international ed cultural events and consists of 7 floors which are divided by floors made entirely of wood.

Lake of the Miage Courmayeur

Il Lake of the Miage was born at 2020 meters above the sea level in Val Veny and its waters are fed by the namesake glacier.

As well as the Combal Lake this too is disappearing due to global warming and is easily accessible.

This sort of excursion it is also suitable for small children but we recommend that you do not stop on the shores of the lake during the winter because small tsunamis may occur due to the detachment of pieces of the glacier.

Courmayeur where to eat well and spend little

Saussurea Alpine Botanical Garden

Il Saussurea Alpine Botanical Garden in Courmayeur and the highest alpine garden in Europe and rises to 2173 meters above sea level

Il garden covers an area of ​​over 7000 square meters on the Pavillon du Mont Fréty, is open from June to September and hosts the precious alpine flora typical of Mont Blanc.

A tip we give you is to visit the Alpine Museum Duca degli Abruzzi and Mont Blanc Transfontaliero Museum which house very interesting relics and documents.

Courmayeur where to lodge and connections

Courmayeur it is easily connected to the north-west of Spain, and is 218 km from Milan.

Il Mont Blanc tunnel it also links it to the Francia (Lyon is about 250 km away and can be reached in a few hours) and the Switzerland (100 km from Geneva).

Dolonne (Dolénna), fraction of Courmayeur, hosts many residential complexes and hotels, flanked by some sports centers.

It is connected to Courmayeur by a bridge of a minor tributary coming from the Mont Blanc.

Another mountain close to Courmayeur is the Monte Chetif, very popular for walks and characterized by a statue of the Virgin Mary on the top, visible from the valley.

The town is one of the oldest Alpine ski resorts and thanks to the beauty of its landscape, dominated by the Mont Blanc chain, it is defined "the pearl of the Alps".

Courmayeur ski lifts and ski slopes

Il ski area it offers over 100 km of slopes that descend from 2624 meters towards the Courmayeur basin.

There are many opportunities for those who love i backcountry, they will be able to try their hand at exciting descents in fresh snow along the fabulous itineraries that give Helbronner Point lead towards Chamonix e Courmayeur.

For those who love cross-country skiing it is necessary to move to Val Ferret at the foot of the chain of Jean Grandes.

For those who do not like skiing, or want to try other sports activities, the Courmayeur Sports Center is one of the best equipped and modern high mountain sports centers open 11 months a year.

In the hamlet of Dolonne is working a playground equipped with moving walkways available to beginners and young skiers.

Courmayeur restaurants

To know the best restaurants where to taste the tasty alpine dishes consult Courmayeur where to eat well and spend little.

What to do in the evening in Courmayeur

To know the location trendiest in the city where to have an aperitif or where to spend a transgressive evening consult Courmayeur discos and night clubs.

Courmayeur pictures and photos

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