Dine in Capoliveri, Il Chiasso, good but not really cheap

    I have been to Capoliveri only one evening and I must say I enjoyed it very much. The town is small and well-kept, there are several shops beautiful and the atmosphere is relaxing, typical of a holiday resort ^ _ ^

    Piazza Matteotti, one of the main squares, was set up for the concert by Gualazzi, so I enjoyed it a little, even though it is really very big and surrounded by nice bars and restaurants.

    Not knowing where to eat, I relied on the advice of my friend Robi Veltroni, who among other places recommended me The Chiasso. This place is really very nice, it fits very well with the atmosphere of the city of Capoliveri. Structured on different levels and states and environments it can be dispersive even if I found it a lot fascinated. Maybe a little uncomfortable for the waiters :)

    What are we eating. Fish, if you don't like fish here it is better not to come, by the way we are on an island, what else should you eat?

    Maltagliati with tuna, anchovies and tomato, in the center potato appetizer mashed with tuna, spring onions and parsley and finally spaghetti with cherry tomatoes and amberjacks. The only drawback of this place, the price. Despite being a fairly famous place, as we could see from the photos hanging on the walls and from the newspaper articles, the price seemed exaggerated to us. Not so much for the dishes, about € 13 each, but rather for the covered € 3.50 per person and drinks. But if you want to spend a little more, I highly recommend this place ^ _ ^

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