Christmas in Milan: the shops where to shop

Where to shop at Christmas in Milan, 6 design shops, for children, furniture and brasseries where to buy original gifts in view of the Christmas holidays.

Milan it is one of the best cities to do shopping for Christmas. There are many shops and you are spoiled for choice. In Milan you can find kitchen, furniture, design boutiques, clothing stores and so on. But what are the Christmas shops for shopping in the Lombard city? Among the most famous names there are also lesser known names, almost intimate, different shops, which offer that uniqueness and the idea that that object is a real gem in front of the myriad of photocopy gifts.

There are so many shops in Milan that make the difference, but you don't always know each other or have the time to get to know them in more detail, especially with the frenzy of Christmas. The ideal and useful gift not only for those who love design and furniture especially the Nordic one, but also for those who prefer handcrafted objects, often handmade in a single piece, who loves original and colorful gifts for children or for those who, in addition to objects he loves to give experiences. In Milan there is room for everyone and for everything.

Christmas in Milan: the shops where to shop

Moroni Rubber

Corso Matteotti, 14 . Shop of objects and design furniture with many colorful and super cute products, for all budgets. From useful items for the home to those for school or the office and free time. Bags, lunch boxes, backpacks, cases, funny glasses and suitable for any occasion.


Corso di Porta Ticinese, 3. Dedicated to those who love design and need to furnish their home. At DesignRepublic everything is Nordic and everything is incredibly beautiful, in the true sense of the word, and aesthetic. Prices are generally not low but there are also many small items that have a low cost and are impressive. For those who are furnishing their home or for those who love minimal objects, this shop will seem like paradise!

Christmas in Milan: the shops where to shop

Carpe Diem

Viale Tunisia 1/3. Particular but very current things, sought after enough and indicated for birthdays, graduations and obviously Christmas, when the thought counts it is true but sometimes it is also nice to give something that is needed. Carpe Diem is a shop suitable for those looking for a gift made with care, designed for a specific person and prepared with great care.

Apple Pie - the American Baby Boutique

Via Domenico Cirillo, 14. A shop for children but not a single brand, an ideal shop to find the most delicious, special, colorful and useful things that can be given to a child. Clothes but also shoes, games, covers, baby food and bath items. A special store where you can also be helped in the search for the most suitable games and clothes.

Christmas in Milan: the shops where to shop

Bjork Side Store

Via Panfilo Castaldi, 20. Then there are those who love to give experiences and emotions at Christmas and not just objects. Bjork Side Store is a brasserie born from the passion of the two owners for the Nordic countries and their culture. Bjork Side Store is Nordic cuisine and vintage and contemporary design. Here oysters are served with traditional wild cranberries. An emotional gift, an experience that remains as an indelible memory, for those who prefer to share an intimate moment with a friend or a friend rather than traditional gifts and objects, with excellent and particular food.

Horses and Ribbons

Via Gian Giacomo Mora, 12. Cavalli e Nastri is one of the most beautiful and famous vintage shops in Milan. Ideal for those who love fashion, but don't want to spend a fortune on a symbolic bag or unique earrings. Horses and Ribbons allows you to also buy online, without shipping costs. Furthermore, those who have garments that they would like to resell at the store can contact Cavalli e Nastri directly by email to sell their pieces, by appointment and evaluation of the garments or jewels. At least an original way to buy beautiful things with a unique value, a gift for those who love fashion that will not go unnoticed.

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