Tandem parachute in Molinella in Bologna

    Tandem parachute in Molinella in Bologna

    This may not really be defined as a low cost thing. But it is an experience that is worth every single penny spent.
    All my life I said I wanted to do it but I never made the effort to make this dream come true. Last weekend I went for it in tandem with the parachute. Yes, right.

    I had been babbling about it for years but, with the excuse that I couldn't find anyone who wanted to do it with me, I had never made the final decision. So, a fortnight ago, by some cosmic coincidence, I searched for information online and discovered this super famous center in Molinella, near Bologna (where I pass very often) which organizes skydiving courses and tandem jumps. So I wrote to understand what needed to be done to book the launch and then, two days before the big day, I made the transfer and said, done. There was no reason to wait, right?

    It is the Moli-D Zone - Italian Skydiving Club and the group that organizes the tandem flights is called Flygang. Here is the site if you want more information.

    Anyway, last Sunday I let myself be escorted by some friends (where there is also a waiting area for those who accompany you with a lot of swimming pool, sunbeds and bar) and we went to the airfield of Molinella (Bo).

    The tandem flight costs, in promotion, 171€ , included in the price, another jumper jumps with you, with a GoPro in mind, and take your business back. Also at your discretion you can also buy the photos of the jump, before and after, for another 30 €.

    The atmosphere, once arrived there, was that of a group of friends who, to have fun, jump off the planes. After being harnessed and put on the plane, it was time to jump. Wow. They should all try it once in a lifetime. There is that moment when you are at 4200mt, you see the plane door open and those in front of you start to disappear, in the sense they throw themselves down. Then your turn comes and you find yourself sitting on the edge holding onto something on the plane and wondering if you're really going to do what I believe. And a second later you did. That is pure adrenaline, but pleasant. The fall up to 1500m takes about a minute. You are in the void, you fall, and then in an instant you seem to float, the wind simultaneously supports you and pushes you down. And then suddenly the parachute opens and you gently descend to the ground. When you find yourself with your butt on the ground everything stops, and everything is different.

    To me it is loved it. And then when you get off you really feel invincible. I recommend it especially to those who, like me, are very "controlled" in normal life.

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