Where to eat the Thanksgiving Day menu in Milan

    Where to eat the Thanksgiving Day menu in Milan

    Il Thanksgiving Day also in Italy for some years it has begun to be known, thus importing traditions and festivals of another culture. In Milan there are several clubs and restaurants that offer ad hoc menus for the occasion

    Turkey and pumpkin are the protagonists in all dishes and California Bakery represents the place of excellence to meet for the occasion. A location that has become an institution for lovers of made in USA cuisine which for the occasion offers a very varied menu starting from appetizers, corn herb sandwiches and thanksgiving salad with hummus, cheese, walnuts and maple syrup. While for soup lovers there are two proposals: caramelized shallot cream with chestnuts or a cream of soup. Don't you already have choline in your mouth?

    The main dish is the turkey prepared according to the traditional recipe with prunes, dried fruit and accompanied by sauces, potatoes and spinach. The dessert? A choice between the classic chocolate cake or filled with apples and pear with walnut shortcrust pastry served with vanilla ice cream. The menu has a cost of 55,00 euros per person, for children 20,00 eruro, to which you will have to add a cover charge, reservations are required for the evening and if you want you can order take away at a lower price.

    A Milan there are many California Bakery stores, but to enjoy a dinner in the shadow of the Madunina you have to go to Via Larga, 19. In addition, for the occasion, the California Bakery in Viale Prumuda 44 will be completely reserved for Francesca Rava Foundation, to raise funds for the children welcomed in the Baby House Sainte Anne, in Haiti.

    The idea of ​​bringing the American tradition to Milan is also due to another restaurant that organizes a themed dinner every year, The cloisters of San Barnaba in via San Barnaba, 48. This evening was born from the desire to unite different peoples and traditions by promoting national celebrations even if very far from our world. The proposed menu is very varied and there is the possibility to choose between different dishes with the inevitable ingredients such as soup and turkey. The price per person is 45,00 euros including cover charge and coffee.

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