Weekend in Verona, what to see and where to eat

If you have never been to Verona, here are some tips to explore it on foot, fully enjoying the splendid atmosphere that the city can offer. In the post, three tips for eating well and spending little.

Among the various Italian cities that I happened to see between one tour and another, Verona it is undoubtedly one of those that struck me the most and left me something after seeing it.
Here I am therefore to share with you some information on what to see and where to eat during a weekend in Verona.

Weekend in Verona, what to see and where to eat

Weekend in Verona: a city to discover on foot

Dispassionate advice, turn it on foot far and wide and sneak through the streets of the historic center in every corner.
Admire the beauty of the buildings, streets, history and shops that the city offers to tourists, but above all to those who experience it every day in everyday life.

What to see in Verona in a weekend

Starting point arrived in Verona can only be Piazza Bra.

Overlooking the square you will find: the Gran Guardia, Palazzo Barbieri, the Arena, the "Liston" with the row of restaurants overlooking the square with tables, the Maffeiano Lapidary Museum and the Philharmonic Theater.

Continuing along Via Mazzini and Via Cappello, the first in the direction of the Arena, the second at the end of the first, you will meet the bench of lovers and walk along the Veronese shopping street between designer shops.

Towards Juliet's House

At the end of Via Mazzini you will find Piazza Erbe on the left and Via Cappello on the right.
Continuing along Via Cappello you will arrive at the Giulietta's home, with the famous Balcony. Honestly
the excessive crowding of tourists and the carelessness of them, does not do justice to this place, but a visit to Juliet's house cannot be missed.

If instead of going around Juliet's house you turn to Piazza Erbe, you will find yourself in front of a beautiful square surrounded by magnificent buildings with wonderful arcades and exceptional interiors and, if you are on a market day, the square will be full of stalls with the most varied things to buy.

Piazza Dante

In the middle of Piazza Erbe, take the small street that overlooks the beautiful Piazza dei Signori, or Piazza Dante, due to the presence of the statue of Dante Alighieri.
In front or to the side, depending on how you look at the square and its entrance, you will find the Palazzo della Ragione and its cool stairs that from Piazza Mercato Vecchio take you inside the Gallery of Modern Art
Achille Forti.

Then you cannot miss the climb to the Torre dei Lamberti for a panoramic view from the top of the city of Verona (the ticket for the climb is included in the entrance to the Achille Forti Gallery).

Leaving Piazza dei Signori, on the right you will find the Scaliger Tombs in the courtyard of the small Romanesque church of Santa Maria Antica.
At this point, head to the Church of Santa Anastasia and visit this huge church.

Walk on the river in Verona

Once you have visited the church, start walking along the Adige towards Ponte Pietra, a beautiful and historic crossing from one bank of the Adige to the other.
Once you have crossed Ponte Pietra, on your right you will see in the distance, but not too much, the remains of the Roman Theater and in the vicinity the stairs that take you up to Castel San Pietro. Without doubt one of the most panoramic points from which to admire the entire city of Verona.

Weekend in Verona, what to see and where to eat

If you don't feel like climbing the stairs, you can take the funicular by turning left and moving forward, but I recommend the stairs.
After the ascent, on your return, descending, you can head towards the Duomo and then return to Piazza Erbe.

Another place that deserves a visit is undoubtedly Castelvecchio with the museum and its magnificent bridge.

Where to eat in Verona

But between these endless laps where to fill your stomach with something good and maybe even typical?
I propose to you 3 places to eat in Verona.

Weekend in Verona, what to see and where to eat

1. The Prosciutteria, a place for aperitifs and more, overlooking Piazza Erbe. Here in the company of a good glass of wine or even better prosecco, accompanied by a super platter of cold cuts, cheeses and much
other, you can spend a beautiful evening.

2. Torcolino da Barca, a typical restaurant near Castelvecchio, where you can enjoy typical Venetian cuisine
and taste one of the many typical dishes of the place cooked very well.

3. Taste Piadine and Panuozzi, the right place to quickly eat something tasty during the break between one lap and another.

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