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Holidays in Agrigento advice on what to see, what to do, history and which are the most beautiful beaches.

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Agrigento History

La city ​​of Agrigento was founded around 580 BC by Gelesi colonists from Greek islands of Rhodes and Crete and boasts a thousand-year history as well as many settlements of different peoples.

Throughout its history, Agrigento has had 4 different names: the city was born during the Greek rule, with the name of Akragas, Durante it roman domain was renamed Agrigentum, Durante it Arab rule she was called Kerkent o Gergent, Durante it dominion of the Normans was renamed Girgenti and in 1929 it took its current name.

Agrigento is known as the City of Temples thanks to its incredible expanse of Doric temples which are placed in the infamous Valley of the Temples which in 1997 became part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Agrigento what to see

Visit Agrigentoor is it one of the things that you have to do at least once in your life as it proposes, in addition to the history and and culture, also many and beautiful views.

Agrigento where to eat well and spend little

Let's find out together what to see and which are the greatest places of interest in Agrigento:

Agrigento Historical Center

Il historic center of Agrigento it was built between the ninth and fifteenth centuries on the top of the ancient Girgenti and today it perfectly preserves some medieval buildings like monasteries, churches, noble palaces e convents.

With its alleys very tight, courtyards e small squares, historic center of Agrigento keep a typically Arab urban structure considered as one of the most beautiful and best preserved in the Sicilia and holds evidence ofArab-Norman art as:

  • The 14 doors of the city walls
  • Palazzo Steri which is the seat of the seminary
  • The Cathedral of San Gerlando
  • The Basilica of Santa Maria dei Greci
  • The bishop's palace
  • The Monumental Complex of Santo Spirito

Valley of the Temples Agrigento

La Valley of the Temples in Agrigento it corresponds, in fact, to the ancient one Akragas, and is characterized by a series of Doric temples which date back to the Hellenic period.

This incredible Regional Archaeological Park, entered in 1997 in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, covers over 1300 hectares and is the largest archaeological site in the world.

La Valley of the Temples contains an unimaginable history and houses the remains of grandiose structures and are:

  • 10 Temples - (the most important are the Temple of Concord and the Temple of Zeus)
  • Necropolis - (Roman necropolis and tomb of Terone, Pezzino, Moltelusa, Mosè and Acrosoli)
  • Hydraulic Works – (giardino della Kolymbetra e gli Apogei)
  • Places of Reunion - (Lower Agora and Upper Agorà)
  • Bouleuterion - (building that housed the council of the polis in Ancient Greece)
  • Olympeion - (remains of a sacred building dedicated to the God Olympian Zeus)

In addition to these listed above, the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento hosts many new walls., a part of a Hellenic Roman quarter built on a Greek plan and 3 Shrines.

Agrigento discos and night clubs

More things to see in Agrigento I'm:

  • Birthplace of Luigi Pirandello
  • Civic Museum of Santo Spirito
  • Church of Santa Maria dei Greci
  • Diocesan Museum
  • Enchanted Castle
  • La Lomia Palace

Agrigento beaches

Agrigento is one of most popular destinations in Sicily not only for its immense history and e culture but also thanks to the enchanting beaches.

La Agrigentine coast it is famous all over the world for its incredible fine sandy beaches and for his clear and crystalline sea.

Agrigento most beautiful beaches

Let's find out together what the most beautiful beaches of Agrigento and its surroundings:

Eraclea Minoa beach

La Eraclea Minoa beach it is located between the Platani river and the Capo Bianco promontory and is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Sicily.

Il coast it is about 6 km long and consists of White sand, is edged by a lush vegetation and sea it is clear and crystalline.

Bova Marina beach

La Bova Marina beach is located in the municipality of Montallegro and it is divided into two parts, that one wild and unspoiled ideal for relaxing and the busiest one where there are equipped facilities, bar e restaurants.

This lovely coast it is dominated by a beautiful and lush pine forest, is composed by golden sand and the sea is blue and crystalline.

Punta Bianca Agrigento

La Punta Bianca beach it is located beyond the Zingarello bay and is dominated by a beautiful white limestone rock.

This enchanting beach it is bathed by water that is nothing short of spectacular, it is the right place for those who love the total relax and to reach it you have to take a dirt and bumpy road surrounded by nature.

Scala dei Turchi

La Scala dei Turchi also known as the White Cliff is located in the municipality of Realmonte and it is one of the largest attractions of Agrigento and province.

La Scala dei Turchi consists of one white marl cliff that falls sheer to the sea where you can dive into the sea or sunbathe surrounded by incredible scenery.

Torre Salsa beach

La Torre Salsa beach it is about 13 km long, is part of the Regional Nature Reserve and is managed directly by WWF as the loggerhead turtle spawns on this beach.

Il coast it is really very beautiful, it is made up of small and large coves, sand is golden and it is a very quiet, wild and unspoiled area.

Other beaches of Agrigento and surroundings very beautiful to see are:

  • Giallonardo beach
  • Siculiana Marina beach
  • Le Pergole beach
  • Capo Rossello beach
  • Maddalusa beach
  • San Leone beach
  • Bay of the Zingarello

Un advice that we give you is to take a tour and visit the beautiful Porto Empedocle whose territory, until 1853, was included in that of Agrigento.

To have all the information about Agrigento consultation:

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Agrigento pictures and photos

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