Tromso and Hammerfest

Tromso and Hammerfest travel story

Tromso and Hammerfest

7 ° day Tromso / Hammerfest

Hammerfest guide, itinerary, what to see and places to visit

Hearty breakfast and departure towards Hammerfest.

In order to reach it, we crossed two splendid fjords by ferry: theUllsfjord and Lingenfjord.

During the navigation we were able to admire glaciers all around which, due to the reflection of the waters of the fjord, seemed blue.

Truly paradisiacal landscapes, red, yellow or blue colored houses, boats or boats that plowed through a very calm sea.

Then we took the bus and continued the journey along the beautiful coastal road until we reached the ristorante Gildetun, with a wide panoramic view of the Kvaenangen fjord.

The hotel-restaurant is immersed in an alpine landscape rising from the Arctic Ocean with a view of the only glacier in Northern Europe that rises from the sea.

The owners are a Sami lady who married a Moroccan from Casablanca.

Tromso and Hammerfest

Le decorations they were created by local artists with reference to the local traditions that make the place characteristic.

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On the outside there are some kiosks where the Sami sell the products of their handicrafts: Sami dolls, fur rugs, cloth slippers, reindeer antlers, Santa Clauses with reindeer fur clothes, typical local knives, etc.

We had a wonderful buffet lunch in a rustic room decorated with two huge colored wooden statues representing a Sami man and woman.

After lunch we resumed our journey to Hammerfest.

Tromso and Hammerfest

In Norway there are different types of birds and there are particular points where they nest in large quantities and for this purpose in Norwegian Lapland the Bird Watching.

In the late afternoon we arrived at Alta, a lush town unlike Hammerfest which is barren, on the shores of the Norwegian Sea, where we visited the Rock graffiti, the oldest prehistoric traces of Norway, which since 1985 have become a World Heritage Site.

They are clearly visible because they are painted red, these graffiti date back to 8000 years ago and testify to the presence of people who dedicated themselves to fishing, berry picking, reindeer breeding: the styles are different, no one knows who they are been made and some are difficult to interpret.

In Alta there is not much wind like in other northern cities.

Here is the Alta river whose waters abound in salmon and the town is also famous for the construction of an ice hotel which is dismantled in the summer.

Tromso and Hammerfest

The British in 1826 opened the copper mines in Alta which in 1840 became the largest in Norway.

Also in Alta, on the top of Mount Haldde, in 1899, the first permanent observatory in the world dedicated to the study of the Northern Lights was built.

Dogs are raised in Alta Hanger.

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There are 50 airports throughout Norway and one has even been built in Alta.

In the evening we arrived in Hammerfest which is the most northern human settlement with about 8000 inhabitants in the world, as well as being the oldest inhabited center in Northern Norway.

Tromso and Hammerfest

Many immigrants from Morocco, Somalia live here.

Both sea and freshwater sport and commercial fishing are practiced here and the northernmost glacier in Norway is also found here.

Every day from the port of Hammerfest sail a ferry for North Cape.

We visited the port, the market where I bought a beautiful Norwegian sweater for only 85 euros, the Protestant-Lutheran Church in the shape of a lattice where Norwegians dry cod, the Catholic Church.

We stayed at the Rica Hotel where they prepared a buffet with salmon, prawns, caviar, reindeer meat, various salads, cold cuts, and many desserts with berries.

The journey continues ...

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