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Honeymoon Nile Cruise Experience

For our honeymoon we chose a Nile cruise, with the tour operator in Turisanda, and I must say that it was a really super choice.

We found the staff to be friendly and helpful and the meals decent journey it was organized with precision and competence.

I'll tell you a little how it went.

We arrived late in the evening atLuxor airport where, after having completed the somewhat chaotic procedures for the visa, we were greeted by our guide Magdi, who from the very beginning was kind and available to solve any problem.

Indeed, after having accompanied us to the nave and having shown us the various environments, he returned to the airport to wait for a group of our travel companions, whose flight from Milan was madly late due to fog, who arrived at 5 in the morning.

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Cruise on the Nile with Turisanda

Il stay on the ship it was enjoyable and the cuisine was really good, both international and local.

Le rooms they were spacious enough and were cleaned twice a day, as was the bathroom.

As in almost all cruises, the usual ones were planned oriental evenings in traditional dress, but participation was by no means compulsory, as it was not necessary to buy the galabya, the traditional local dress at all costs.

Given my passion for history and and Egyptian civilization, I had chosen a very rich program of visits, which were all carried out in compliance with the program, with the addition of a few more things and with the timely explanations of our guide Ashraf, who spoke Italian perfectly, was very prepared and always ready to answer all questions.

I recommend only one thing: the visit to Abu Simbel .

It is true that to go there we got up at 2.30 in the morning: but do you want to put the thrill of arriving at dawn, being the only ones there, and admire the sun rising over the desert?

It is a feeling that I will never forget.

Thanks to Turisanda this trip will remain unforgettable and full of wonderful memories.

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