Rwanda a country to discover

Il Rwanda one of the most beautiful villages in Africa from the postural Naturalistico, the land of mountain gorilla, where you can enjoy a luxuriant vegetation and magnificent views give it splendid mountainous reliefs. 

Unfortunately for years the war has stained this land with blood which today, fortunately, has returned to shine.

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Visiting Rwanda useful tips and information

visit Rwanda it means to live an experience di "vita" unforgettable.

That's what they wanted to convey with their intense video some guys from the American studio Mammoth who flew to Rwanda in the summer of 2012 to shoot a promotional video on behalf of Department of the Tourism.

The result is a intense video di emotions, which brings the viewer aware of one land rich in feelings, emotions, everywhere.

A video from which it is difficult to detach before its end and which leaves inside the desire di know e touch with the magnificent hand Rwanda.

Rwanda what to see and places to visit

This African land offers so much, from visits to gorilla di mountain in the reopened Park National of Volcanoes, to the endless organized excursions to observe the hundreds of species of trees e birds that populate the magnificent rainforests of Nyungwe.

Also interesting are i urban centers, like Butare it's the capital, Kigali, which have partly changed their face, thanks to the opening of places where you can spend time enjoying typical food and drinks or letting yourself be carried away by the rhythm of the dance.


Kigali is the most populated city in the Republic of Rwanda and in 1962 it became the capital following the achievement of independence by the country.

Following the administrative reorganization of the country in 2006, Kigali it has become a fairly advanced center where you can find various places where you can relax and where you can taste the specialties of the place.


Located in the southern province, Butare is the second most important city of the Rwanda.

It is known as a city because it hosts the Nationale Museum of Rwanda which, according to many, is one of the most beautiful museums in the world because, through ethnographic reconstructions, it illustrates the history and traditions of this marvelous place in an engaging way.

Spectacular the banks of the lago Kivu which offer numerous opportunities to fun and rest for travelers.

I mean, look at this video to which there is very little to add:

Rwanda photo gallery

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