Low cost fish and chips in Scotland in Stonehaven

    A very good fish and chips that has been named number one in the UK for 2013. For great fish and chips in Scotland, I recommend The Bay fish and chips in Stonehaven.

    The Bay fish and chips it is a place where I left my heart, not only because it is located in Stonehaven, but also because of its goodness. I happened to Stonehaven because in this town there is the beautiful Dunnotar Castle, in my opinion one of the most beautiful castles in Scotland. Once I got to the castle, I went to the town of Stonehaven and I literally fell in love.

    Low cost fish and chips in Scotland in Stonehaven

    If like me you love the fishing villages that are located on the sea, the narrow streets of the northern countries that taste of fish and salt, then this is the right place for you too. Parked the car in the central car park of the city, after 18pm you no longer pay for parking until 8am the next morning, which for those who do this type of road trip is fantastic, I went looking for a place to sleep. At the Scotland Tourist Board office, they pointed me to several b & bs that still had free rooms and so I started my search.

    The first b & b I saw seemed beautiful, perfect. Room on the top floor of a building facing the beach, overlooking the sea. Of the Stonehaven b & b he will talk about it calmly in another post, because it really deserves two lines apart, both for the place and for the care of the furniture and for its owner, incredibly fantastic (and a little crazy!).
    Low cost fish and chips in Scotland in Stonehaven
    The owner immediately advised us where to eat. At the words, the UK's number one fish and chips, we could not resist and we ran to meet him.

    A 10 minute walk, walking on the sand, here made more of stones than sand to tell the truth, I met The bay fish and chips. The restaurant develops in length to allow all those who want to eat fish and chips to queue inside. The first point we stop is where you order, then you go directly to the house where the paper bag with the ordered food arrives and you pay. A kind of very nice fish fast food.

    Low cost fish and chips in Scotland in Stonehaven

    Honestly, I didn't pay much attention to the menu, I went straight to the classic fish and chips which had different sizes and to the drink. The menu offers many delicious and different things, as also seen in the site menu, but I preferred to focus on the highlight.

    The restaurant is open every day from 12 to 22 and at the time I was there, between order and dinner, so many people came to take and take the meal home. Outside the restaurant there is only one wooden table with two benches, the pic hic one and then nothing more, the all in front of the sea with a breathtaking view. Most people take the fish and chips to go, I noticed. In fact, the owner of my b & b advised us to take it and eat it on the terrace of our room, but obviously we couldn't resist and we made it out there "on the spot".

    Low cost fish and chips in Scotland in Stonehaven

    What can I say, I haven't tasted all the UK fish and chips, but that looked pretty good. Crunchy at the right point and not at all greasy, which I hate in fish and chips of this type and which I find generally and on time when I go to England. For a fish and chips I paid 9.50 €, of course I paid in pounds. The cost of living in Scotland is high, I have already reiterated this in other posts and I have also written how to save for a trip to Scotland. In the face of goodness like these, however, I can't resist and with only one dish we ate in two, because the fries were big, a price that you can pay then ^ _ ^


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