Scotland on the road, 10 days low cost

Scotland on the road for 10 days of low cost travel. An itinerary for those who have decided to see a good part of Scotland, starting from the castles and distilleries and ending with the best known islands.

In just four days I'll be leaving for a trip to Scotland. I've never been there and I don't know Scotland at all and in hindsight ... not even the other travel bloggers know it that well. Except for a couple of blogs, in fact, I haven't found much online material to rely on… and to say I've been looking for information since June! In the end I got away with even without a blog and started reading my mega Lonely Planet guide to find some interesting places to visit.

My itinerary has changed more than once, first in fact I wanted to see the Isle of Skye at all costs, then I wanted to get to see the railway that is also seen in the Harry Potter film, finally I wanted to go and see the whales without getting lost but visits to the distilleries of north-east Scotland. In short, deciding this itinerary was difficult, but I succeeded and I'm sure that this holiday in Scotland will be beautiful, if only because it is very different from all the previous ones. Beers, nature and many castles await me. Here is a short itinerary of what I have chosen to see, thanks also to VisitScotland.

Two days in Edinburgh

I will arrive at Edinburgh Airport on Saturday night and first, once I reach the first hostel, I will do the ghost tour of Scotland tour. The itinerary is in English and lasts approximately two hours. Everyone talked about it well and so I decided to do it, it's not that I have to get too scared, right? On Sunday I will go to visit the Edinburgh Castle, I will wander around the old town and start settling in by having dinner at 18pm and drinking some good beers. Do you have any local or restaurant to recommend in this regard? Any comment is welcome! I was also interested in seeing the Rosslyn Chapel which is just outside Edinburgh, but I will also see how much time I have left.

One day in St. Andrew

On the east coast of Fife is the town of St. Andrew known for its university and also because it is here that the most famous golf course in the world is located. I don't know how to play golf and I won't even try, love I read that it is really difficult to play and that every day they do a lottery to let someone play the next day even without a reservation. Crazy things. On this day I think I'll go hunting for small villages and seaside villages and I will eat lots of fish and seafood on the beach!

Two days in Aberdeenshire

When I started learning about Aberdeenshire, I found myself looking

Two days in Inverness

In Inverness I decided to spend two nights for two reasons. Firstly because I will be here on the very day Scotland votes for referendum on independence and I don't want to leave the city too early the next day but I want to see the moods of the people and, why not, celebrate with them for one or the other result. The second reason is that excursions are organized from here Loch Ness. I am not sure about taking this excursion as I think it is more of a very tourist attraction, but I have not decided yet and I believe I will do it there and then when I am in Inverness. Here too, if you have advice, come forward!

One day on the Isle of Skye

Unfortunately I don't think I will have enough time to stay too long on the Isle of Skye, I will have time to take a trip out to sea and to try to spot the whales that pass through here every year. I will probably not reach Portree that you see in the photo, but arriving atIsle of Skye I will pass for the beautiful Eilean Donan Castle, which you have certainly seen in a lot of photographs. I can't wait * - *

One day on the Isle of Mull

The stay in Oban I chose basically to go hiking to the Isle of Mull, the second largest island of the Inner Hebrides and the island of Staffa connected by a 50-minute crossing. On the latter in particular you can admire the hundreds of basalt columns that come out of the waves of the sea, and the famous Fingal Cave. A sight that I am sure will leave me speechless.

One day in Stirling

Going from Oban towards Stirling I will go to visit Kilchurn Castle, the one you see in the photo below and I will arrive tired in Stirling which, however, deserves a ride to its center and - succeeding - to the castle. I say succeeding because the next morning I will have the flight back home at 6 in the morning: What do you think, will I be able to wake up in time?

This is indicatively the itinerary of my trip. I say indicatively because I have not yet booked all the hostels and all the hotels and I'm not sure about certain choices, then we have to put that for some excursions, particularly on the islands, it will also depend on the weather. In short, a good series of unknowns will accompany this journey.

I'll drive around Scotland, thanks to the new car rental offered by Skyscanner and I have decided not to visit Glasgow, even though I have read that it is a beautiful city. But I thought that in the end, I can always return to Glasgow for a spring weekend and that perhaps for a 10 day trip like this, it is better to focus on the most remote places in Scotland.

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