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Stonehenge history and information

Stonehenge it's a archaeological site from Neolithic found in the Wiltshire near the city ​​of Amesbury in England.

This Neolithic site is composed of a circular set of large standing stones better known as megaliths.

Second when it emerged from a search carried out byBirmingham University the big ones megaliths represented the fulcrum of a architectural system which included as many as 17 minor monuments, A large wooden building it's a sacred path that surrounded the structures.

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According to scholars, the 17 sacred monuments were used as chapels, the wooden building was used as a house for the dead and, moreover, the Stonehenge complex it was inside a sacred triangular path which served to give a better view of the area i Pilgrims.

Legends about Stonehenge

Il Stonehenge complex has been associated with the legend of King Arthur in fact, according to what he claims Embossed Monmouth, Merlin the wizard directed his removal fromIreland where was I built on Monte Killaraus by Giants who carried the megaliths byAfrica.

Always according to the legend narrated by Godfrey of Monmounth inside the ring of stones they were buried first Uther Pendragon (father of King Arthur and legendary ruler of post-Roman Britain) then Constantine III (legendary King of Britain called "usurper").

Il Neolithic site of Stonehenge is associated with so many legends but what seems more reliable is that the building belonged to the people of the gods Druids which, in fact, used i megaliths like the temple of the sacred where they went to pray.

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