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Among the first European capitals that we plan to visit, after London and Paris, now is the turn of Madrid.

Reading the always useful travel diaries of those who preceded us, we are convinced that 3 days will be enough to satisfy our desire to get to know the Hispanic capital.

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  • Madrid what to see and places to visit
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Visit Madrid in 3 days useful tips, information and suggestions

Then off we go.

We arrive on time at theaeroporto Barajas in Madrid it is beautiful and immense and we, for a moment, stop to admire it.

The weather is not the best, indeed, even a few drops of rain fall, but we are sure that it is just a coincidence.

Madrid what to see and places to visit

After checking in and placing the suitcases in the rooms on the fly, we decide to immediately attack the city and run towards the center.

We arrive at Plaza Mayor, it has a charm that is unique, picturesque.

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After having metabolized the astonishment for the square, on the spot, we decide to also start the parallel holiday that is the gastronomic one.

What to eat in Madrid

Thanks to what is reported by the friends who make their holiday experiences available here, sure point on jamon museum, where we start immediately with pure tradition: boccadillos with squid, with the Cerrano Ham and with the tortilla.

All very good and at great prices, a bit unpleasant waitress, but acceptable experience.

Patrol tour of the whole square, then towards Puerta del Sol another attraction of the city.

The second day of ours tour at 8 already at breakfast and, unfortunately, the weather conditions are very bad and we, frankly, are not very equipped for the rain.

Only sorry, but not at all intimidated, we begin what, as planned, will be a very intense day.

The tour starts from Independence Square, where stands the sumptuous gate of Alcalà and continues for Spain Square, where among other things there are the beautiful statues of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza.

Very neat, surrounded by a couple of huge skyscrapers and with a beautiful fountain on one of its sides, I recommend that you include it in your plans to visit Madrid.

A few meters away is the huge Royal Palace with the beautiful gardens that make it even more unique.

The Royal Palace cannot be missed in any self-respecting visit to the city.

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Unfortunately, the line to access the interior is really long and there is no mention of facing it in the pouring rain, so we give up.

We continue towards Plaza Mayor to see the famous market just a few meters away coperto in San Miguel, which for the occasion is packed with people who, rather than visit it, shelter from the rain.

We can't move so we run away and take refuge in a little place in Calle Mayor just before arriving at the Puerta del Sol.

We eat the fried squid, the delicious bacon they prepare in these parts, the boccadillos with Iberian jamon, all as tradition dictates and always at low prices, in fact.

From Puerta del Sol we take the metro to go to the Prado Museum.

After the Louvre, the British Museum, the Uffizi and the National Gallery, we thought we had seen almost everything, but it wasn't like that: here there is really “a lot of stuff”.

And the museum is really well organized

We go out and pass to the little far away Reina Sofia that Saturday afternoon is free.

Regarding the works on display, apart from those by Dali ', including the famous Guernica which alone attracts almost all visitors, those by Juan Mirò.

We weren't very satisfied, perhaps because we had filled up in the Prado before.

According to our plans, the next step is the adjacent Atocha station, where inside there is a truly unique tropical garden worthy of the Amazon.

The next day it seems to be sunny and we make a compulsory stop Plaza of Castilla where two converging columns tower which ideally represent the door of Europe and an obelisk in the center with a very beautiful square attached.

We continue to the Trail, the famous Sunday market in Madrid full of all kinds of objects and men. Immense and full of many interesting things.

Given the immensity of people there were in this majestic meecato we were a little tense due to the possible presence of pickpockets who by many, including the policemen who orbited in a square in front, had been reported to us, but it went smoothly, luckily .

Before going, we pay a visit to the neighbor Puerta de Toledo and then we cannot fail to see the temple of football: the Santiago Bernabeu but we only see it from the outside and we visit the huge shopping center, where, needless to say, here too we find the way to spend some money.

We are honestly curious to see the race to the Plaza de Toros which starts at 19.00.

We arrive practically 5 minutes before the show starts, in a moment we buy tickets at € 7,00 each for a pretty good accommodation and we jump inside.

Bullfighting, as we know, can trigger endless discussions, then everyone can make the choices and considerations they believe, but we wanted to live this experience in person. 

On the last day of vacation we pack up and head to Toledo, a beautiful town full of history, as it was the Spanish capital for a long time and of really interesting architecture.

Built inside the walls still in perfect condition today, it seems to be on the set of a film of the medieval genre, truly unmissable.

We report the magnificent cathedral,Alcazar, Monastery of Saint John of the Kings, a panoramic point overlooking the Alcazar that offers a view of a valley where the Toya river flows that will make you lose yourself for a few minutes.

At 17 pm we are in Barajas for our return home.

Madrid is one of the European capitals that deserves to be visited at least once in a lifetime.

Madrid photo gallery

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