7 works by Gaudi to visit in Barcelona at Easter

Easter is one of the best times to visit Barcelona and, above all, the main architectural works of Gaudi. Here are the ones not to be missed.

  • Most important and particular monuments of Gaudì to see at Easter
  • Palau GĂĽell - Barcelona
  • House Milan - Barcelona
  • Crypt of Gaudi - Barcelona
  • Casa Vincens - Barcelona
  • Gaudì works Barcelona: images and photos

Most important and particular monuments of Gaudì to see at Easter

Antoni Gaudì I Cornet he was the greatest exponent of Catalan modernism and his very particular “architecture” is, still today, among the most appreciated and studied in the world.

It is no coincidence that, every time the thought flies to the splendid City of Barcelona, the name of Gaudi immediately springs to mind.

In addition to the immense Sagrada Familia, to the picturesque Parc Güell and to the wonderful Casa Batllo, the most famous architectures created by Antoni Gaudì which, regardless of everything, must be visited at least once in their life, in Barcelona there are numerous other "monuments of Gaudian architecture" that should not be missed.

Here what to see in Barcelona at Easter, in the name of Gaudi.

Palau GĂĽell - Barcelona

Located in Carrer Nou de la Rambla, the building of the Palace Guell it was commissioned by Eusebi GĂĽell in 1885 and, despite being built in one of the neighborhoods more popular and degrading than Barcelona at the time, no expense was spared.

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Il Palau Guell can only be part of the UNESCO World Heritage List and has an unusual architecture in that, compared to the others orpear by Gaudi, has a poorly decorated facade but its interior is surprisingly opulent.

House Milan - Barcelona

Casa Milà La Pderera, it is without question, another of the most important and famous "achievements" of the architect Antoni Gaudì, it is no coincidence that it is also part of the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

This amazing apartment complex overlooks the Passeige de GrĂ cia, its roof is embellished with mosaics depicting the back of a dragon and presents itself with a wonderfully undulating architecture; in short, there is no shadow of edges.

Crypt of Gaudi - Barcelona

In 1908, the textile entrepreneur Eusebi Güell asked Gaudi to build, inside the Güell Community, a church which, unfortunately, due to lack of funds, was never completed; the project stopped at the famous "Crypt of Gaudì".

The extraordinary Crypt of Gaudi it is located about 23 kilometers from the center of Barcelona, is easily reachable in 20 minutes by subway (Placa d'Espanya station lines S33, S8 and S4) and is considered “the milestone of Gaudì's architecture” as it features all the innovations and designs of the artist.

La GĂĽell Community and Crypt of Gaudi they are part of the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Casa Vincens - Barcelona

Located in the GrĂ cia district in Carrer de les Carolines, one of the symbolic buildings of the magnificent Gaudian architecture is the Casa Vincens; think that this was, ever, the first construction of him.

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Casa Vincens it is in a perfect mix between the Mudejar and Spanish styles and thanks to its extraordinary beauty, the great Antoni Gaudì entered into the good graces of the great people of Barcelona of the time.

This construction was commissioned by Manuel Vicens i Montaner, a powerful stock exchange shareholder and, as it should be, is part of the UNESCO World Heritage List.

La Sagrada Familia, the picturesque Parc GĂĽell and the wonderful Casa Batllo, trust me, they don't need any introduction.

Gaudì works Barcelona: images and photos

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