Sleeping in Barcelona in an apartment

Where to sleep in Barcelona, ​​Nando's apartment review found on Airbnb, that's why we recommend it, the services, the location and also wanting transport to and from the airport. Little tips for an authentic stay, chatting with the locals.

Visit a multifaceted city like Barcelona it can become simple if you know how to organize your living room intelligently. To really get to know a city, however, it is not enough to choose the cheapest flight or the coolest hotel: I believe that Rent an apartment is the best way to feel closer to the soul of the city and its people.

Sleeping in Barcelona in an apartment

Barcelona, ​​choose an apartment

In all my travel experiences the best moments have been those in which I felt part of the place I was visiting, and not an intruding tourist. Furthermore, renting an apartment allows you to considerably lower the bugdet, rather interesting matter.

So I think it is much more convenient and much more interesting to look for an apartment for rent rather than an anonymous hotel: I personally belong to the category of curious travelers, those who like to explore the area they visit and not just see the surface.

Sleeping in Barcelona in an apartment

The service that I recommend above all for finding an apartment is the now famous one Airbnb. I personally had a great time in Barcelona staying in Nando's apartment.

It is a small but comfortable apartment 2 people to (also 3, but a little tight) located really close to the magnificent Sagrada Familia. The neighborhood is quiet at night because there are no night clubs, but it is quite busy with cars and public transport. I found myself very well because I was traveling alone with my fourteen-year-old daughter and I was looking for a safe area, away from drunk people or harassing people in general: I must say that this neighborhood seemed really safe from this point of view.

Sleeping in Barcelona in an apartment

Where it is

In addition, the location is very strategic because you are less than 20 minutes from the heart of ancient Barcelona. The metro stop is a 3 minutes walk, and from there you can really reach any area of ​​the city. Shopping is not a problem as there is a well-stocked supermarket within walking distance. There is also a small shop-like shop that sells exceptional Iberian Jamòn, delicious cheeses and many other gourmet foods.

And if one evening laziness assails you and you don't want to cook there is a tapas bar very interesting 2 minutes walk: great choice of food and drinks, very nice staff and possibility to eat outside with view of the Sagrada Familia!

Barcelona: Nando's apartment

As for Nando's Apartment, I can assure you that I found it very much clean, which doesn't happen often. The wi-fi connection is great. The apartment is fully equipped: you have all kinds of cleaning items available, there are towels, sheets and blankets. In the bathroom you will find soap, detergents and a very comfortable hairdryer. Also in the pantry there is no shortage of spices, sugar, oil and the essentials for cooking. In short, it is a practically perfect choice for those who travel light and do not carry anything with them.

Sleeping in Barcelona in an apartment

The house: what to expect

The house is long and narrow, attop floor of a building (3 floors without elevator!). At the entrance there is a small well equipped kitchen and a small electric oven. On the right side, overlooking the main road, there is a delightful living room with a very comfortable sofa bed and an opening console table where you can eat comfortably for two, with stools. On the left side there is the bedroom with a large wardrobe and a double bed: very comfortable. The bedroom has a terrace overlooking a large internal courtyard, very quiet, which I very much appreciated.

A warm welcome

Note not negligible, Nando is very nice, speaks perfect English but understands and also speaks Italian quite well. He is a very sunny, open type, he likes to chat and give you information on life in Barcelona. Nando has a small art gallery that I recommend you visit in the Ribera district; just go for a walk in the neighborhood. It is very fascinating and you can take the opportunity to have a chat with him and to meet the artist he exhibits in the gallery and who is a friend of Nando.

Sleeping in Barcelona in an apartment

Nando is very precise in welcoming, punctual and very also available by telephone. Finally he welcomes you with a bottle of “tinto” wine, or red wine, Spanish: a marvel.

Nando can provide you with a taxi service who picks you up at the airport and takes you directly to the apartment, at a lower price than official taxis. The taxi driver, whose name is Santi, is very nice, a Spanish DOC, chatty, joyful and eager to give you some tips to better enjoy his city. My daughter and I had a lot of fun with him. He speaks very little English, but if you manage with a little Spanish mixed with Italian, fun is guaranteed.

Sleeping in Barcelona in an apartment

My experience in Barcelona was splendid also thanks to Nando's welcome and his strategic and functional apartment.

Clearly on the Airbnb website you will be able to find dozens of excellent apartments with excellent value for money in Barcelona: use the filters in the search, contact the owner and I am sure that you will also find an optimal accommodation that will save you a lot and that will give you an experience more intense in contact with the people of Barcelona!

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