Practical tips for visiting London

Practical tips for visiting London tips, information and tips

My second time in London it didn't start very well yet we had planned everything well in advance (almost 2 months before) and with great enthusiasm but unexpected events are always around the corner and do not depend on us.

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Visiting London tips and helpful tips

We decided to spend 3 days in the beautiful London; arrival on Friday evening and departure on Monday morning at dawn.

We bought a flight to Stansted from Ryanair on the web, paying about € 45,00 return, a mega offer in short.

Unfortunately, as I said, the debut was not the best even if the rest of the holiday went very well.

In fact, our plane took off a few hours late; we hit London ground at 01.30 in the morning.

Luckily we had booked a transfer from Spain with an Italian company, la Londontransfers (, which some of us had already used in Barcelona.

London in 7 days: what to see, what to do and tips to save

The service was excellent, the cost equivalent to that of public transport, despite the delay, for which, as we were assured at the time of booking, we were not charged any surcharge.

Obviously we were all very tired from waiting (some of us were returning from a day's work) and during the journey by car we began to speculate about the hotel: what if, after the delay, now the hotel also disappoints us?

Fortunately we were proved wrong (I must say that the driver also reassured us about it).

Our choice fell on Royal National Hotelin Bedford Way, which we had actually heard of before.

This is a very popular hotel with Spaniards and with a truly excellent location, a few steps from the metro (Russel Square stop) and from which it is possible to move easily on foot.

We took a double room (£ 95 a night) and a triple room (£ 110 a night), both with private bathrooms and the rooms are fairly clean and not too small.

London tips on what to see and places to visit

And now some practical advice for visit the city.

In the meantime, equip yourself with a subscription for public transport, we have opted for the travel card, valid for 3 days and without time limits (about 20 pounds each) but alternatively you can buy refillable oysters.

It is true that London is an expensive city but with the right ones straight you may be able to save something.

Meanwhile, remember that many museums are free such as:

  • British Museum
  • National Gallery
  • National Portrait Gallery
  • Tate Modern Gallery
  • Tate Britain
  • Science Museum
  • Natural History Museum

They are paid there Tower of London, St Paul's Chairl (the ticket is worth paying even if it is a little salty, 11 pounds) and the Madame Tussaud Museum (disappointing… personally I don't recommend it).

London budget vacation

A relaxing (and free!) Walk in London's parks is a must, in any season: from the famous Hyde Park to St. James's Park and Regents Park, Kensington Gardens, Greenweech Park, all beautiful, tidy and neat.

London where to eat

Eat at reasonable prices you can, just a little attention, because the choice of clubs in London is truly infinite.

You can opt for the usual and ubiquitous fast food (Mc Donalds, Burger King, etc.) or for the numerous ethnic restaurants (Chinese, Indian, Greek, etc ... you will find one every 100 meters!).

A good alternative are the pubs where you can eat typical menus of English cuisine (Fish & Chips is perhaps the best known but I also recommend the soups) and drink good beer without spending a lot.

Finally, if you like the musical and theater, in London you can attend the most beautiful and famous shows in the world.

You can also buy your tickets online (there are many sites that offer this possibility), just a suggestion: remember that from Monday to Thursday the cost is lower (while on weekends tickets are unavailable and much more expensive). Margherita & C.

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