Where sleeping in Cordoba

Where sleeping in Cordoba

Cordoba it is undoubtedly the best destination for those who want to immerse themselves completely in the Spanish Middle Ages. Each district of this wonderful city still retains ancient and enchanting characteristics, which will make you spoiled for choice when you have to decide where to stay during your stay.

Better the popular and lively climate of Plaza de la Corredera and Barrio San Lorenzo, or perhaps it is appropriate to book a structure in full Town center, maybe right in the streets of the Juderia? Each area of ​​Cordoba is steeped in charm and history, and even the hotels and lodges present here will be able to satisfy all your needs and give you an unforgettable holiday.

Family hotel in Cordoba

Where sleeping in Cordoba

If you are going to travel to Cordoba with partners and children in tow, the choice can only fall on a structure that can guarantee you proximity to everything you may need: first of all, supermarkets, shops, restaurants, pubs, pizzerias, but also areas of scenic interest.

Also, if your trip will be with the family, the hotel for you clearly has the right hotel comfort as a strong point. Excellent services and large and comfortable rooms are essential details, but some hotels also guarantee babysitting or entertainers who organize entertainment for the little ones, allowing parents to enjoy a little relaxation.

Finally, the proximity to some of the most beautiful places in the city is enhanced by "minitour"Organized, which are extremely popular with families, especially those with one or more very young children.

  • La llave de la Juderia: located in the historic center of Cordoba, a few steps from the Jewish quarter of la Juderia and the Mezquita, this wonderful hotel is one of the most loved by visitors to the Spanish city. In addition to the location, it offers every comfort for those traveling to Cordoba with their family.
  • La Casa de Los Faroles: exceptional location, right in the center, this property is housed in a typical Cordoba house and has a courtyard that you will like at first sight. Some problems for parking, but overall many advantages, starting with the friendliness of the staff without forgetting the very spacious rooms.
  • Eurostars Palace: a hotel that can be defined as “modern”, equipped with a seasonal panoramic swimming pool, ideal for the relaxation of a family on vacation. The location is excellent, as the property is 5 minutes from the Mezquita and la Juderia. Very large rooms and delicious cuisine.
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Cheap hotels in Cordoba

Where sleeping in Cordoba

With the passing times, not everyone can afford hotels of great value and particularly comfortable, so much so that sometimes you give up the whole holiday because you can't find something suitable. But Cordoba manages to deliver Different solutions that satisfy in the best way the value for money.

Clearly you will have to adapt to some things: the rooms are not huge, the service is not of the highest level and during your stay you will notice some critical issues, but free yourself from the stereotype "you pay little so I will feel bad": you will find a stay in some of these structures equally enjoyable and satisfying.

  • Option Be: here's how to get the maximum possible by spending little. You can do it in this property located in the heart of Cordoba, where you can also rent bikes to get around the city center. The staff are nice and friendly, just like the design of the accommodation.
  • : located in a charming typically Andalusian courtyard. All around the hotel is a swarm of bars, restaurants and nightlife, a detail that makes the structure particularly popular with young people. 
  • Hotel Inturjoven: this youth hostel is housed in a completely renovated and adapted convent, a few steps from the famous Mezquita. Despite the 'savings', the rooms appear modern, and there is an interesting creative workshop. Possibility of packed lunch and bike rental.
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Luxury hotel in Cordoba

Where sleeping in Cordoba

For those who don't mind expenses, and expect the best even on vacation. Who has no wallet problems and wants to go to Cordoba, can choose several luxury hotel, of great fame and value to stay as best you could. When the economic availability is practically unlimited, the choice can fall on structures that offer anything useful to guarantee total comfort: from the highest quality cuisine to well-being, passing through fitness and exclusive services such as a private limousine.

Often in Cordoba the best luxury hotels are housed in ancient buildings, rich in history, which will immerse you fully in the culture and soul of the wonderful Andalusian city.

  • Hotel Cordoba Center: Many users have described it as “simply fabulous”. An appreciation that can only be shared: this Hotel, located near the Cordoba train station, offers everything and more, starting with the swimming pool on the seventh floor overlooking the city and spacious rooms equipped with every imaginable comfort. .
  • Balcon de Cordoba: we are practically at the highest levels. Extraordinary location, impeccable staff and the ability to be guided to live entertainment and more. The building is very well known, with the rooms made with wonderful bricks and the tiled floors that give an enchanting aspect to the whole structure.
  • Hotel Madinat: the ideal place to spend a perfect stay. It is located in the historic center of Cordoba, but its amazing terraces will allow you to admire the nearby Mezquita in all its splendor. The rooms are what you have always dreamed of, both for their size and for their extreme cleanliness. Ideal for those who love to travel as a couple but also for business travelers.
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Hotel for couples in Cordoba

Where sleeping in Cordoba

Traveling to a place full of charm is a favorite activity for couples of all ages. Cordoba also knows how to give unforgettable moments to all lovers who decide to spend some of their time away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The Andalusian city has accommodations that know how to provide couples with maximum privacy at all times of their stay, from room service to various comfort “intimi”.

  • Hotel Boutique Caireles: small but extremely welcoming, it gives exactly the idea of ​​a love nest. Not far away are all the beauties of Cordoba, starting with the beautiful Mezquita. Excellent rooms and tasteful furnishings complete the rating.
  • : an authentic jewel in the heart of Cordoba. From the welcome you will notice the quality and courtesy of the staff and the entire structure. The rooms enhance the romance, with a breathtaking view of the Mezquita. Do not miss the splendid internal patio, with fountain and green plants.
  • Casa de Loz Azulejos: intimacy made stay. 50 meters from Plaza de la Corredera, this hotel has a typical Andalusian style and a Latin American décor that is appreciated by the hottest couples. The atrium with fountain is the icing on the cake.
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