Where to sleep in Malaga

Where to sleep in Malaga
Where to sleep in Malaga

Malaga it is a city that extends along the entire Mediterranean coast, so much so that it is often referred to as the city that lives "in front of the sea".

If you have to choose which part of the city to stay in, you must first take into account what are the trips you plan to make, as there are areas that are more efficiently connected than others.

We must then consider with whom you travel and those who are i comfort what you are looking for. For example, staying along the coast will give you the opportunity to be a stone's throw from the sea, avoiding having to take public transport to reach the beaches.

Regardless of what your preferences are, you should know that you will find a wide range of accommodation options everywhere, covering any price range, most of the time in very affordable rates with an excellent quality-price ratio.

Center of Malaga

Where to sleep in Malaga
The Cathedral of Malaga in the city center

The first place that comes to mind where to sleep in Malaga is the historic center, which develops between Calle Larios and Plaza de la Constitucion. Choose this part of the city if you are interested in discovering one as well Cultural and historical Malaga.

The center offers many possibilities even in the evening, being full of clubs and restaurants. From the center you can also reach the beach on foot: the location is therefore truly excellent for a holiday that combines sea and culture.

The price range of the accommodations for this reason is a little higher than average, and availability often tends to run out, especially during the high season. If you are staying in the center, don't forget to try the delicious Malaga cuisine: in this area there are some of the most authentic places!

Recommended accommodations in the center of Malaga


Where to sleep in Malaga
The Pompidou Center

This area of ​​Malaga is centrally located, right in front of the Main Alameda, the main road through the city center. The neighborhood is artistic and modern, many buildings are decorated with murals, and it is full of life, as there are small bars and clubs that sell Tapas.

SoHo is populated by young people and is ideal for backpackers. It enjoys excellent connections, as the bus lines that pass through the Alameda Principal lead both to the sea and to the historic center.

Recommended accommodations in Soho

La Malagueta and the coast

Where to sleep in Malaga
Malaga seen from the sea

Stay east of the center, near the famous Malagueta beach, is the ideal place for those looking for a relaxing holiday and at the same time want a youthful and lively atmosphere, especially during the day, given the large influx of people to the beach.

The accommodations offered in this area of ​​Malaga, in addition to the hotels, are the Bed and Breakfasts, which are mainly found along the Paseo de Sancha. The area is not very close to the center, but if you are looking for tranquility at night, it is certainly the ideal location.

The same goes for the west coast, even if this part of the coast is more served by public transport. Most of the hotels directly overlook the Huelin beach.

In the evening, you cannot miss a fish-based dinner in one of the many restaurants along the promenade.

Recommended accommodations in La Malagueta


If you are looking for a luxury area where to sleep in Malaga, you should definitely turn your attention to the neighborhood of Gibralfaro, which is home to a number of upscale hotels.

The Gibralfaro area, where the castle of the same name stands, is a hilly part of Malaga, which moves away from the center. Choose to stay here if you have the opportunity to move with your own vehicle, as a single bus line ensures connections with other areas of the city; or expect to enjoy a leisurely ride on a bicycle.

The area is certainly relaxing, you can enjoy an excellent view and if you are looking for privacy, it is the ideal place. Of course, do not miss a visit to the historic Castle.

Recommended accommodations in Gibralfaro


Perchel it is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Malaga. Located near the port, it was originally a purely residential neighborhood, which is growing in popularity.

It is certainly the best served area for extra-urban transport: if you have the idea of ​​wanting to take some trips out of town, even just for a day, then staying overnight in Perchel will ensure you are close to both the train station, which carries the namesake. name, than to that of the buses.

Recommended accommodations in Perchel

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