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Capital of Denmark

Copenhagen and the capital of Denmark and is located on the isol Zealand and Amager.

This beautiful city has been proclaimed one of the "happiest" capitals ofEurope thanks to its internal wealth and thanks to its continuation development.

Copenhagen what to see and places of interest

Copenhagen is one of most advanced cities in the world, is a city full of surprises where you can admire a mix between historic buildings, ancient streets and buildings from ultra modern design.

Here is according to us the Staff of what to see in Copenhagen:

Denmark by camper: a journey to discover the land of the Vikings

Rosenborg Castle

Il Rosenborg Castle o Rosenborg Slot rises in the greenest area of Copenhagen and has a fairytale style.

This wonderful structure was built with bricks of red sandstone and is immersed in the Kings Garden which are i royal gardens oldest of all Denmark.

National Museum of Denmark

Il Danish National Museum in Copenhagen is a conservation center of the Danish civilization compared with other civilizations.

Il museum is housed within a palazzo built in 17743 in style rococo and it is a place of interest really fascinating.

Copenhagen Christiania

Christianshaven is a neighborhood of Copenhagen located onAmager island where the last one lived hippie community of Europe.

Christiania is a city of about 900 inhabitants between hippies, artists, anarchists e autonomous who have always lived with solid principles such as the rejection of the state and violence, the rejection of war and hard drugs.

Copenhagen nightlife

Here you can make visits to shacks, to the beautiful murals and you can take a walk in a magical and surreal world.

Copenhagen Little Mermaid

La Mermaid and the symbol of Copenhagen and it's a small one bronze statue inspired by one of the fairy tales of Danish writer Andersen.

La statue it was sculpted in 1913 and is located on the Langeline pier at the entrance to the port and seems to want to welcome the boats.

Tivoli Park Copenhagen

Il Tivoli garden and the amusement park most beautiful and famous of the Denmark and it is one of the oldest in the world.

Opened in 1843 the park is a real one urban institution and is one of the Copenhagen's most visited tourist spots and the whole of Denmark.

More things to see in Copenhagen I'm:

Royal Palace of Amalienborg Copenhagen

Kronborg Castle Copenhagen

Christiansborg Palace

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Copenhagen pictures

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