Lots of beer at Brasserie 4:20 in Porta Portese, Rome

    Il 4:20 is a very special brasserie in Rome and beer lovers can go to their wedding here. First of all you will find only beers and whiskeys, no fruit juices or fizzy drinks. Second, especially in the evening you will always find a place to park, and in Rome it is not a trivial matter. It is in fact located near Porta Portese where its colorful and famous local market takes place. The place was recommended to us precisely for its craft beers, most of them produced thanks to their brewery (located in England) with a completely original name: Revelation Cat Craft Brewing.

    Alex Liberati, an Anglo-Italian born in Rome and who has "brewed" in many countries abroad, is the owner and has chosen to produce in Kent in England for the high relationship between product quality and price.

    It is a place that immediately strikes you as soon as you enter it where the protagonists are the beers and pump taps. The lighting is all for them and has a typically English air, although it is housed in the old warehouses in Via Portuense. When you choose a draft beer they also make you taste it, before serving it.

    The selection of beers is huge, from Revelation Cat to Mikkeler or De Molen. They will be served bottled or on tap, but in only one model of mug, there is no small, medium or large beer. Among the 15 spines that you will see behind the counter you can drink some fantastic Real Ale, typically English beers with little carbon dioxide and very drinkable.

    What is striking is the amount of unique and unobtainable beers outside this venue. Being a brasserie, you will also find something to eat: burgers, French fries, salads or classic sandwiches. All rigorously made on the spot and with Angus and Chianina meat of the highest quality. Nobody will come to take your order, but you can do it yourself by filling out a simple menu placed on each table and which you will then deliver to the counter.

    On each table you will already find the classic condiments, such as ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard and salt (but flavored with hops). You can also choose other types of toppings. I spent 12,50 € for a Revalation Cat Indian Pale Ale beer and a 180-gram hamburger.

    Via Portuense, 82
    00153 Rome
    Tel. +39 06 58310737

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