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    Visit Amsterdam low cost by boat

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    Amsterdam it is a city surrounded by canals and it is unthinkable to visit the city without taking one of them. Several companies can take you on excursions throughout the city showing you the most significant but also the most suggestive places of this great country.

    Canal Bus it is a public transport on water intended mainly for tourists. The boat makes different routes, green, blue and yellow and makes several stops near the main museums, as many as 14. On board comments in different languages ​​to get a more complete view of the city, while in high season on Saturday evening at 20 pm and 22 pm jazz concerts await you.

    THEinput main to the boats is in front of the Rijksmuseum but tickets can be purchased at each stop. With 16€ you can use the Canal Bus until 12 the day after the purchase to stop in complete freedom at the stops you prefer throughout the journey. With the'Amsterdam Card you have a discount of 25% instead.

    Another package for only 19 € it allows you to take advantage of all transport including boats. This day ticket entitles you to significant discounts on some restaurants, bikes and museums, if you are in town for just a couple of days this is for you.

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