Lost in chaos on show in Milan

    Chaos and bewilderment are the leitmotif of this new exhibition "Lost in Chaos". Through paintings, installations and photographs 11 emerging artists they analyze the anxiety of the future and the fear of getting old.

    The exhibition promoted by the ArtGalery association will be inaugurated on January 22 2013 at the Institut français in Milan.

    - artists, Pietro Baroni, Piergiorgio Del Ben, Giacomo Favilla, Marilù Manzini, Giorgio Orbi, Lorella Paleni, the French Julien Spianti, Olivier Larivière, the Belgian Xavier Delory, and the Spanish Ana Cabello and Albert Pinya interpret today's chaos, the search for a identity and anarchy of the mind through the use of various techniques and artistic languages.

    From video to installation, from painting to photography up to sculpture, a path that compares masks of old men on young naked bodies, colored paintings, funny origami and pop inserts. All these works communicate any sense of bewilderment, to transform and actualize it. The exhibition is very bold.

    Lost in Chaos it will be inaugurated this evening at 18 pm, but it will be possible to visit it until February 8 in Corso Magenta 63, Milan at the Institut français - Palazzo delle Stelline.

    Hours: Tuesday - Friday from 15 to 19 pm. Admission is free

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